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Exposed by: Jenny Phillips (BLITZ)

Title: Exposed
Author: Jenny Phillips
Series: The Broken Soul Series (Book 3)
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: Aug 4 2018
Edition/Format: 1st Edition/Format ~ eBook & Print
Morgan Cauldwell’s life appears to finally have settled down. However, for Morgan, normalcy never lasts long. College classes have begun and she should be looking forward to attending the Gifted Ball with her boyfriend, Chase. Except for her strained relationship with the Gifted Council, everything should be perfect.... so why is she still dreaming about her dead soulmate? And why does she seem to be the only person concerned with her evil Grandfather’s whereabouts?
When the Ball is crashed, Morgan’s worst fears are confirmed, and she finds herself at the mercy of Stephen and his traitorous sidekick. Can Chase find her before the ultimate sacrifice is made, or will it be up to Morgan to convince the two people who have never hesitated to hurt her that their plan is seriously flawed?

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Fragile Tension by: Irene Colabianchi (BLITZ)

Title: Fragile Tension 
Author: Irene Colabianchi 
Series: Currently a Standalone Title
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Self Published (Irene Colabianchi)
Release Date: July 17 2018 (International Market)(US)
Edition/Format: 1st Edition (US)/Format ~ eBook & Print 

Asher Keaston is a young airline pilot who is disappointed by his childhood and the loss of the most important person in his life. 
Eleonor Meier is convinced that she can recuperate a reality of which she has no memory. 
An encounter that is not really fortuitous between the two, convinces Asher that the only way to free himself of his past and live a torment-free future, is to destroy the beautiful and passionate woman who has taken over his memories and his desires.  
Eleonor hates Asher's eyes, his intense and intrusive look, his oppressive and arrogant ways, but passion and fate will change their destiny once again, that destiny that had separated them four years before.
Asher is convinced of his plan, but instead will find himself always more involved in what he actually feels for Eleonor, a desire that never died.  Eleonor will discover that there is a deep secret in Asher's eyes that could shock her existence.  
What if the destruction of Eleonor will be Asher's final condemnation?

Friday, July 13, 2018

Fire and Granite by: Andrew Grey w/ Guest Post and Giveaway

Title: Fire and Granite
Author: Andrew Grey
Series: Carlisle Deputies #2
Genre:  M/M Contemporary Romance/Law Enforcement
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: July 10 2018
Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print
The heat is growing from the inside, but danger is building on the outside.
Judge Andrew Phillips runs a tight ship in his courtroom. He’s tough, and when he hands down a sentence, he expects to be obeyed. So when a fugitive named Harper escapes and threatens his life, Andrew isn’t keen on 24-7 protection… especially not from Deputy Clay Brown. They have a past, one that could cause problems in their careers.
But with Clay assigned to Andrew and the two of them together every minute, there’s nowhere to hide from their attraction—or from the fact that there’s much more than chemistry blooming between them. As the threat intensifies, Clay knows he’ll do anything it takes to protect the people who are taking their places in his heart: Andrew and his young niece and nephew.

Thank God the day was over. Andrew had managed to keep things moving and had gotten through his entire agenda. He took off his robe and hung it up, then sat at his desk to get some work accomplished and prepare for the following morning. What he needed was a few hours alone, but he was more likely to get just a few minutes. Still, he used them to his full advantage.
“Judge Phillips,” Clay said after Andrew had gotten in a half hour of uninterrupted work. “When do you intend to leave for the day?”
Andrew checked the clock and figured now was as good a time as any. He stood and began packing his bag for the evening. “Give me ten minutes.”
“Then I’ll bring the car around so I can take you home.” Clay picked up the suitcase that Andrew had placed by the door that morning and left the office.
Andrew finished up, and by the time he was ready, Clay had returned. They went down the back stairs and out through the front door. A sheriff’s vehicle was parked just off to the side. Clay watched all around as he escorted Andrew to the car and got him inside before hurrying to the driver’s side. They took off and turned onto Hanover Street.
“Where are we going?” It definitely wasn’t his home.
“I need to stop at my house to check on Petey. He’s been cooped up inside all day, and I need to let him out and feed him. It won’t take long.”
“Do we really have to do this?” Andrew grumped as Clay turned onto Chapel and pulled into his garage.
“Yes… we do. Please stay here,” Clay directed. He got out, closed the overhead garage door, and locked it before checking the yard. Then he motioned for Andrew to join him, and they walked up to the house. Clay opened the back door, and a short blond dog raced by, hurrying to the nearest tree to do his business. “That’s Petey.”
The dog ambled back, and Clay knelt down to pet him and receive doggie kisses. Petey accepted the attention and then hurried over to Andrew, looking upward with huge brown eyes, his tail wagging constantly.
Andrew knelt and petted the dog slowly. “He’s really adorable.”
“Petey is special.” Clay went inside, and Andrew followed. Petey raced to his empty bowl, and Clay fed him and changed his water. “He spends a lot of the day here alone. I try to come home at lunch to let him out, but I didn’t get a chance today. Corgis are pack animals, and I think he suffers when he’s alone so much.” He set the bowl down, and Petey crunched his food.
“But he’s alone all day,” Andrew said, kneeling down when Petey finished, holding out his hand. Petey came right over for more scratches. “You’re a pretty boy, aren’t you?” He scratched between Petey’s ears, and the dog sat down, soaking in the attention. “Why don’t you bring him to the house? It’s a shame to leave him here all alone so much of the time.”
Clay seemed taken aback. “Are you serious?” It was clear Clay really cared for his dog.

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The Best Friend by: K. Larsen (BLITZ)

Title: the Best Friend
Author: K. Larsen
Series: Standalone (Interconnected Spin-Off of the Tutor)
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: July 6 2018
Edition/Format: Edition~ 1st /Format ~ eBook & Print

What she saw was enough to make her a liability. 

Aubry Clark was thrilled with the direction her life was headed.  AC Interiors, her design business, was taking off thanks to high profile clients like Liam Lockwood and Mike Chesterfield, giving her a chance. She could practically taste the success she was about to come into and the steamy cat and mouse games between her and perpetual bachelor, Mike, didn't hurt either. 

Until one day, just before sunrise, she went down to the docks to set up a photo shoot she'd dreamed up. She wanted to capture a colorful graffiti wall to use against the minimalist décor she had in mind for an upcoming project. But what she accidentally captured instead, was about to change her life forever.

The click of her camera shutter was the last untroubled sound she heard. When a muffled scream ripped through the air, Aubry turned around.

That was her first mistake. 

When men dressed in black, forcefully shoved a scantily-clad girl in a shipping container and set their sights on her, Aubry ran.

Little did Aubry know, her luck was about to run out.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Best Worst Honeymoon Ever by: Andrew Grey w/ Creative Post & Giveaway

Title: The Best Worst Honeymoon Ever  
Author: Andrew Grey
Series: House Line DreamSpun Desires | #60
Genre:  M/M Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: June 19 2018
Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print
How can heartbreak turn into happily ever after?
Tommy Gordon is all set for happily ever after—until heartbreak strikes when his husband-to-be leaves him at the altar. In a bid for distraction, his best friend, Grayson Phillips, suggests he takes advantage of the luxury honeymoon anyway! But the last thing Tommy wants is to go alone, so he invites Grayson and his son, Petey, along.
Beautiful Bonaire lends itself to romance, and along with close quarters, relaxing on the water, and a matchmaking kid, Tommy and Grayson soon find themselves closer than ever… and considering more, much to Grayson’s delight. But before they can plan the best best honeymoon ever, dark clouds descend in the form of Tommy’s ex and a sting from paradise that could ruin everything.

“Did you sleep?”
“Yes and no. I might have dozed off, but then Xavier was there to tell me how much he didn’t love me once again, and I kept playing things over and over in my head.” Tommy sat back. “You know….”
“What?” Grayson prompted, knowing he needed to let Tommy talk.
“This whole thing sucks.” Tommy closed his eyes, and Grayson sat back. He didn’t know what to say and figured keeping quiet was the best thing to do. “Will you and Petey come with me?”
Grayson thought about it and reached for his phone. He stared at it, then pulled up a number and made a call. “Jan, it’s Grayson. I’m sorry to bother you on a weekend, but….” He wasn’t sure how to bring this up.
“Aren’t you supposed to be at a wedding?” Jan was an amazing supervisor and one of the best people he’d ever met. They were friends of a sort and had worked together since Jan hired him out of college. Jan had promoted Grayson to a project manager a few years earlier, pleased with his work. “Yes, I was. But one of the grooms was a no-show, and I’m here with Tommy right now. I know it’s short notice, but he’s asked me to go with him on a trip, and I have plenty of vacation time….”
Jan chuckled. In the world of computers, Tommy was sort of a local legend. “You go. You’re between projects right now. Take the time off. You deserve it.” She seemed happy. “So what kind of trip is this?”
“Bonaire,” Grayson said, and Petey whooped from where he stood near them.
“That’s amazing. I’ve been there with the boys, and they had the time of their lives.” Jan loved to travel, and her sons were huge into scuba diving. There were pictures all over her office. “When do you leave?”
“See me first thing on Monday so I’ll know your schedule.” She ended the call, and Grayson put his phone back in his pocket.
“I get to go too?” Petey asked in that tone that said he was making sure.
“Yes,” Tommy answered. “You definitely get to go too. Your dad will have to talk to your teacher, and before you ask, yes… you will have to do homework and probably a report on your trip because you’ll be out of school, but you get to go.”
Petey whooped again and raced back into the water, then sent up a splash that got both of them sprinkled with spray.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Between the Shade and the Shadow by: Coleman Alexander (BLITZ)

Title: Between the Shade and the Shadow 
Author: Coleman Alexander 
Series: Beyond the Realmless Collection (Book 1) (Interconnected Standalones)
Genre: Coming of Age Dark Fantasy 
Release Date: June 21 2018
Edition/Format: 1st Edition / Format ~ eBook and Print 
In the deep heart of the forest, there are places where no light ever shines, where darkness is folded by pale hands and jewel-bright eyes, where the world is ruled by the wicked and kept by the wraiths. This is where the Sprites of the Sihl live.
But Sprites are not born, they are made. On the path to Spritehood, spritelings must first become shades. They do so by binding a shadow: a woodland creature, who guides them through their training. Together, they keep from the light and learn to enchant living things, to bind them, and eventually, to kill them.
Ahraia is a shade who has bound a wolf for a shadow, as strong a shadow as there has ever been. But while her wolf marks her for greatness, Ahraia struggles with the violent ways of her people. Illicit as it is, she would rather be running wild beneath the moons. But a test is coming, and the further she and her shadow wander out of the darkness, the deeper they wander into danger. Ahraia’s time is coming and what awaits her at the end of her test will either make her or kill her . . .

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Beautiful Savage by: Victoria Ashley (BLITZ)

Title: Beautiful Savage
Author: Victoria Ashley
Series: Savage & Ink Book 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance w/ Dark Elements
Release Date: May 21 2018
Edition/Format: 1st Edition/Format ~ eBook & Print


I can’t breathe… I don’t want to. With every breath that fills my lungs, I feel the pain she’s fighting and it’s killing me slowly, reminding me of the day she got ripped away.
I’ve gone thirteen years without her, and as if she was never gone, she walks back into my life, feisty as h@ll and set on running from me.
I refuse to let that happen. 
She’s my Lex. It doesn’t matter if I have to destroy everything in my path that leads to her—I will.
I’ve been in love with her since the age of nine. I lost her once, and you better d@mn well believe that I will walk through the fires of Hell before losing her again.
She’s broken… 
Ripped apart by the world. I’m making it my mission to piece her back together again and claim her as mine.
Every part of her sexy body has been possessed by me. 
I know she sees she’s not the only one who has changed with time. I’m rough, savage, and just as damaged as she is.
But there’s one thing I’m capable of—always have been—and that is loving her.
I promise to do everything in my power to show her, no matter what it takes or how much it hurts.


I never thought I’d lay eyes on Jax Kade again, and the moment I realized the rough, edgy man I allowed to take me home and have rough sex with me was him… my world came crashing down around me.
I’m no good for him. 
Not for the sweet, protective Jax that took care of me back when no one else would.
I’m damaged, unrepairable…
I need medicine to escape this reality—the pills, c@caine, and liquor aren’t even enough to numb the pain of my past.
Years without Jax destroyed me—ruined me forever—and being back in his life will only ruin him the same.
I could never do that to my beautiful Jax. I never meant to find him, and I sure as hell never meant to want him again as much as I did before we were ripped apart.
It doesn’t matter that I need to stay away from him. It doesn’t matter that I fight to keep my distance. Jax refuses to let me go.
He doesn’t care how messed up I am. My biggest fear is destroying the only person I’ve ever been capable of loving, but he’s not giving me any other choice… 

***Disclaimer: This entire series is graphic with detailed violence, sex, and language.
If you’re offended by books that have explicit content, please proceed with caution.***

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Rare Blood by: Susan Old w/ Interview & Giveaway

Title: Rare Blood
Author: Susan Old
Series: The Miranda Chronicles Book 1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Zairesue Books
Release Date: Mar 13 2018
Edition/Format: 1st Edition ~ Format eBook & Print
Miranda Ortega loves to surprise people who underestimate her...
...especially powerful, wealthy, brilliant vampire nobility.
Tristan Mordecai has no sense of personal boundaries.
Miranda feels control of her life slipping away as she is pulled into a nocturnal world of Lamborghini driving, Chanel wearing, egomaniac assassins with a strict liquid diet.
What's a young woman from the cornfields of Illinois to do?

As the couples maneuvered close to our table, I had this sense that many of them sniffed in my direction. They were 20-something, beautiful people without tans. The dresses, heels and expensive suits were amazing. Each had a bit of drama and mystique to their look. All the Houses were represented. The music became international. A woman from the House of Cups appeared in a gorgeous glistening silver kimono and did a graceful dance with fans. Sir Diego and Sir Franco performed a tango. How could I have ever thought he held passion for me? What a great actor. Sir Ruben was sitting at the bar talking to a member of Lady Kananga’s House. He brought Lady Kabedi over to the table for an introduction. She had graceful long limbs and her hair was braided with golden threads.

“It is an honor to meet you,” she stated. “Lady Kananga will be pleased to know you are wearing the bracelet. She wanted me to tell you to push on the lion’s head if you are threatened.” Before I could ask what she meant, Sir Ruben pulled her onto the dance floor.
“They are a sweet couple,” I said to Lady Lockporte. I looked at the bracelet, but did not press the head as I was not sure what would happen.
“She is the only member from another House my brother has been allowed to date,” she noted my surprised look. “The Houses are very competitive. The Magus likes to keep it that way but, between you and me, that is changing. Lady Kananga and I are encouraging alliances between Houses. Though why an exquisite, brilliant vampiress like Lady Kabedi is interested in my brother I will never know.” I laughed.
The Narcissus staff placed small plates with cubes of raw steak on each of the tables. Small three-prong silver forks were used to eat their only meal. “Angus, my favorite,” Lady Lockporte said.
I watched Sergio devour a few pieces. It left a slightly red stain on his lips. He self-consciously dabbed them with a napkin.
“It’s just very rare,” he said.
“You won’t believe this,” Sir Ruben sat down with Lady Kabedi. “They are calling you Dorothy, you know like the drop-a-house-on-a-witch girl” he laughed.
“They are a bit afraid of you. Amazing!” Sir Franco added.
“Because,” Sir Diego added, “they can’t just dismiss you as a ‘Short,’ lines are being blurred. That is quite unsettling for vampires. To put it frankly, it’s the thought of our prey fighting back.”
“So, you’re saying I freak-out the undead. Unbelievable.”
We sat silently after that watching the dancers as I started to comprehend my unique status. Suddenly there was commotion at the entrance to the club. Sir Steve moved the dancers off the floor and signaled for the music to stop.
“This is a first,” Sir Ruben said. “The Wizard of Oz has arrived.”
The Magus walked out on the dance floor wearing a black suit with shimmering lapels and a black shirt. All the vampires stood and bowed slightly. I stood and bowed but only after Sir Diego gave me a nasty look. The Magus had two attendants following a few feet behind. He stood in the center of the room and held up his arms as though giving his blessing to the gathering. Then he walked over to our table. A red velvet stuffed chair appeared out of nowhere. After his highness was seated, the rest of us followed suit. The music resumed and the dancers returned to the floor.

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The Duel for Consuelo by: Claudia H. Long

Title: The Duel for Consuelo  
Author: Claudia H. Long
Series: Tendrils of the Inquisition Book 2
Genre: Historical Fiction/ Historical Romance
Publisher: Five Directions Press
Release Date: Aug 9 2011
Editions/Formats: 1st Edition ~ Formats eBook & Print
A heart-stopping story of love and betrayal in the time of the Inquisition.
Consuelo, beautiful healer, is trapped by her family's history of conversion at the point of a sword. Born to a Crypto-Jewish mother, raised as a Christian, and bound to her family's traditions, Consuelo struggles with her loyalties and the pull of the Enlightenment. She sees the possibilities of love and fulfillment, but when her mother's secret is discovered she is forced to put her love and her very life at risk to save her mother.
This story brings the struggle to life and showcases the beauty, terror, courage and sacrifice that honor and family demand in the final decades of the ruthless scourge of the Inquisition.

She was sure she saw a light flicker before she actually heard the door open. She lifted her head, for a moment unsure of where she was. The aroma of the herbs and spices reminded her that she was in the Castillo pantry, an odd enough location to warrant disorientation, without taking into account her exhaustion after the stresses of the past two days. She waited silently, intending to let the approaching figure take whatever it was she was looking for. She assumed it was Cayetana, or even Doña Josefina, come looking for some staple from the pantry. Perhaps a green to make a tea from, to soothe a troubled tummy or a restless sleeper.

The figure turned to the side, going around the couch where Leila lay in deep, sound slumber, and Consuelo started with surprise. The figure was a male, and in an instant she had no doubt it was Juan Carlos. "What are you doing here?" she whispered.
"Shh." He put the candle down on the desk. Consuelo looked up from the pallet. It was on the floor of the pantry so she was at Juan Carlos' feet. She moved to sit, pulling the heavy blanket up with her. She was wearing only her chemise, and her long chestnut hair was braided loosely down her back. This was no way to receive a visitor.
Juan Carlos knelt on the edge of the pallet. "Shh," he repeated. "Don't make a sound. You will wake your mother."
"What do you want?" Consuelo said quietly.
"Consuelo," he said. She waited. "I've been gone so long. I didn't know what I would find on my return." He put his hand on her shoulder and she leaned her face into his arm. She felt her pulse race.
"There is time for this in daylight," she whispered.
"I leave at dawn." He stroked her hair. "Our futures. They are forever intertwined."
Consuelo held her breath, waiting for the words that would justify this visit. No further words came. "Is that what you want?" she asked.
His hand lingered on her shoulder, then slid down to her breast. Her breath caught in and her whole body tensed. "I think you know." He slipped his hand under her chemise.
"Are you out of your mind?" she hissed.
He put his fingers to her lips. "Your mother's hard won rest should not be disturbed. There are few guests left so she would be the only one on this side of the house who would hear us. We could go to my room but I am still sharing it with Leandro and I have no intention of sharing you as well."
"We are not going anywhere. You must have lost your mind." And yet she could not pull away from him. She felt her heart in her ears, her throat close. His hand trailed over her breast and she felt the tip quiver under his fingers, and the icicle of sensation travel down her body.
"You want me. I want you."
"This is madness. We can't."
"Don't be afraid," he whispered.
How can I not be afraid? My life, my world hangs in the balance. He bent down and kissed her on the lips.

Claudia Long is the author of Josefina's Sin, The Duel for Consuelo, The Harlot's Pen, and Chains of Silver. Three of these take place in Colonial Mexico during the Inquisition. She lives in Northern California where currently practices law as a mediator for employment and housing discrimination cases as well as complex business disputes. She is married and has two grown children and one magnificent grandchild.

Twitter  @CLongnovels

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Josefina's Sin by: Claudia H. Long w/Creative Post

Title: Josefina’s Sin
Author: Claudia H. Long
Series: Tendrils of the Inquisition Book 1
Genre: Historical Fiction/ Historical Romance
Publisher: Five Directions Press
Release Date: Aug 9 2011
Editions/Formats: 1st Edition ~ Formats eBook & Print
A thrilling and passionate debut about a sheltered landowner’s wife whose life is turned upside down when she visits the royal court in seventeenth-century Mexico.
When Josefina accepts an invitation from the Marquessa to come stay and socialize with the intellectual and cultural elite in her royal court, she is overwhelmed by the Court’s complicated world. She finds herself having to fight off aggressive advances from the Marquessa’s husband, but is ultimately unable to stay true to her marriage vows when she becomes involved in a secret affair with the local bishop that leaves her pregnant.
Amidst this drama, Josefina finds herself unexpectedly drawn to the intellectual nuns who study and write poetry at the risk of persecution by the Spanish Inquisition that is overtaking Mexico. One nun in particular, Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, teaches Josefina about poetry, writing, critical thinking, the nature and consequences of love, and the threats of the Holy Office. She is Josefina’s mentor and lynchpin for her tumultuous passage from grounded wife and mother to woman of this treacherous, confusing, and ultimately physically and intellectually fulfilling world.

At the far end of the room, a door I had not previously noticed opened, and all fell silent.  Before us stood a tall woman, almost as tall as Manuel, with luminous black hair piled high into a complicated twist and held with glittering barrettes of amethyst and silver.  Her huge eyes were the same eerie jet, under perfectly arched coal-colored brows.  Her skin was pale, almost ghostly, and she was so thin that her skin stretched taut over her aristocratically bony nose. She had a tiny, rosebud mouth that nearly vanished under the sway of her eyes.
The women curtsied; the nuns inclined their heads.  I knew what to do, Angelica having tutored me in that courtesy, at least, and I dropped into a deep curtsey before the Marquessa.  “Who is this?” she said, her voice high and thin.  I looked up, knowing that she meant me.  Angelica led me forward.
“Marquessa, this is Doña Josefina Maria del Carmen Asturias de Castillo, wife of Manuel Castillo.  She has come to pay her respects.”
“I kiss Your Mercy’s hands,” I said.
She laughed, a reedy, almost wheezing sound.  “Your Mercy?  That’s for priests, silly woman. 
Call me Your Highness, like everyone else!”  

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Redeeming the Stepbrother by: Andrew Grey w/Creative Post & Giveaway

Title: Redeeming the Stepbrother
Author: Andrew Grey
Series: A Tale from St. Giles Book 2
Genre:  M/M Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: April 10 2018
Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print
Family can be a blessing and a curse, but for artist Florian, it’s a nightmare he longs to escape.
As chief designer for Bartholomew Artist Porcelain, Florian specializes in painting birds. He also watches them in the wild to distract himself from his short-tempered mother, at least temporarily. Florian’s heart is too soft to leave his stepsister, Ella, to suffer alone. Still, he can’t help dreaming about one day finding happiness and love.
When Count Dieter von Hollenbach arrives in town to visit a friend and present an award, he isn’t looking for romance. Then again, he doesn’t expect someone as perfect as Florian to come into his life. To make sure Florian is all he seems and that their connection is genuine, Dieter keeps his title to himself.
But he isn’t the only one with a secret.

At a masquerade ball to celebrate the award, some of the masks fall away, but those that remain in place could destroy the love beginning to grow between them.

This area was marshy during part of the year and I had to be careful where I walked so I didn’t sink into the muck, but it was perfect for birds of all kinds.
I wasn’t disappointed. I emerged from the tall reeds to spot a great blue heron about twenty feet away. It was beautiful, and I didn’t want to scare it, but I also wanted a picture. I had ideas for a series of works featuring the impressive bird—tall, statuesque, shining in the sunlight.
I slowly moved back into the reeds, lifted my camera to position it between the long grass stems, and began snapping pictures. It was stunning, and I’d gotten enough to be able to represent the detail I wanted when a splash startled the bird and it flew away, darting over the water.
“Scheisse,” a deep voice swore. I knew the word from my high school class as a version of “shit,” but wondered why I was hearing German. Another splash came, louder than the first, so I slowly worked my way forward to see what the trouble was.
“You scared the bird,” I scolded and then saw a man, taller than me. He had to be well over six feet and was dressed like someone out of a forties period movie, with a wool hat, a coat complete with elbow patches, and puffy pants. His boots and legs stuck in the mud almost to his knees. An old pair of binoculars hung around his neck. I bit my lower lip to keep from laughing.
“Will you help me?” he asked, and I slowly made my way closer.
“Got yourself in a mess, didn’t you?” I was careful not to get caught in the same bog. “You have to feel before you step.” I managed to get close enough to take his hand. “Pull up one foot and try not to lose your boot.”
“I am.” He lifted his foot, the sucking sound loud in the stillness. He got the foot loose and stepped toward me.
“Hold on.” I bent down a bunch of the reeds. “Step on those.”
He did and got his other foot loose, though this time the mud nearly got his boot. It hung on his foot as he swung around, and he tugged it back on and stepped onto the grass.
“Come this way.” I led him through the reeds, back toward dry ground and the cars.
“I think you come here often,” he said, swatting cakes of mud off the knees of his pants.
I wondered if that was some German version of the old pickup line for a second, but tossed the thought away.
“Yes. I’m familiar with the area. I watch the birds so I can paint them.” I took a step onto solid ground, mud all the way up my boots but sparing my pants. Good. There would be hell to pay if my pants were caked with mud. “I’m Florian.” I held out my hand.
“Dieter,” he said as he shook my hand.
I stomped my feet to get some of the mud off my boots. They would dry soon enough and the mud would flake off pretty easily. “On vacation I take it? Judging by the accent and all.”
“In a way.” Dieter pulled off his hat, exposing light blond hair down to his shoulders that would make a model green with envy. “I’m here on business and decided to take some time to see the sights.” He held up his binoculars. “I study birds back in Bavaria and wanted to get a look at some of yours here. I didn’t realize there would be hazards.” He smiled a little, and I relaxed. At least Dieter had a decent sense of humor to go along with an amazing smile and eyes the color of the sky. My cheeks heated as thoughts of what I’d like to do with his full pink lips went through my head.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Chains of Silver by: Claudia H. Long w/ Interview & Giveaway

Title: Chains of Silver
Author: Claudia H. Long
Series: Tendrils of the Inquisition Book 3
Genre: Historical Fiction/ Historical Romance
Publisher: Five Directions Press
Release Date: Mar 15 2018
Editions/Formats: 1st Edition ~ Formats eBook & Print
Crypto-Jews, secret Jews of Spain and Mexico, are still very much in danger in 1721. Fourteen-year-old Marcela Leon's parents are dragged away to face the last auto-da-fé of the Inquisition in colonial Mexico. Although her parents survive, Marcela’s life is forever changed. Sent to the Castillo hacienda for her protection, Marcela has difficulty grasping that safety requires silence about her beliefs. Her forthright speech and budding sexuality lead her into situations beyond her comprehension, ending with her exile to the northern silver-mining town of Zacatecas, where she becomes housekeeper to a Catholic priest.
Marcela grows up to be one of the richest, most powerful women in Zacatecas, adjusting to her separation from her mother and the loss of her religion. But she can neither understand nor forgive her mother’s obstinacy and abandonment. Her husband's death unleashes a new cascade of disasters, and Marcela at last recognizes and appreciates the source of her mother's power, and her own.

“Marcela, I told you there would be no Judaizing in this house. Yes,” he said, gesturing to Consuelo, “she can teach her children whatever she wishes, but I told you, I am the master of this house, and I will not have my children indoctrinated with your heresy. Consuelo has respected my order, but you have not.”

“That is not true!” I exclaimed. “I did nothing of the sort! Who said this? Was it that whore, Martha?”
“Watch your mouth,” Juan Carlos said.
“Joaquin?” Consuelo said.
“No, Marcela. Not Martha. Badilón. My son. And he would not lie.”
“Consuelo just said I wouldn’t either. And I didn’t. I don’t. I didn’t. What did he say?” I could hear my voice out of control, and those tears I had stopped earlier now flowed freely. “I never…”
Joaquin narrowed his eyes. “Are you calling my son a liar?”
“Wait,” Consuelo said, holding up a hand. “What did he say, Joaquin?”
“She told them some heretical story about a queen named Jezebel. A Jewish queen. The queen of the Jews.”
They stared at me. “Doña Consuelo,” I appealed. “You know that story, don’t you? It’s in the Bible. It isn’t heresy.”
“Which gospel?” Joaquin asked.
I swallowed. “Not in the gospels. In the Bible. Kings.”
“The Bible of Moses? The Hebrew Bible?”
“It’s the first part of the Bible! The part with Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve aren’t heresy, are they?”
“Don’t get smart with me!” Joaquin was red under his brown skin, and a vein pumped in his temple.
“Marcela,” Consuelo said, “it’s a story from the Bible. But you must only tell stories that are in the Christian part of the Bible. Don’t you understand that?”
I shook my head. “It’s one of the only books we had. I read every word of it. I didn’t know some stories couldn’t be told.” I wiped the tears that wouldn’t stop.
“Don’t cry,” Joaquin said. “You disgust me. As you yourself said, you’re not a child anymore.”
Joaquin’s words stung. The words had been said under much different circumstances. And they didn’t escape Consuelo. “What’s this?”
Juan Carlos rose. “As of this morning, Joaquin wanted to marry Marcela.”
I spent the night awake in my room. For the next three days I did the chores I normally did, took the little ones, changed the diapering cloths, and helped Columbina, Ernesto, and Josefina-Merced with their letters. I ate with the family and was treated, if anyone deigned to notice me at all, like a ghost. I did not reenter Josefina’s office.
On Sunday the entire family went to Mass. Joaquin said nothing to me, looked through me. I was not given charge of any of the children, and no one spoke to me except as absolutely necessary. When the midday meal was served, Joaquin cleared his throat.
“Marcela, you will be leaving us. I have written to your mother, and she has agreed. You will be traveling to Zacatecas, in the north, where you will keep house for my brother Neto. He is a priest in that city and in need of a housekeeper. You leave tomorrow.”
“Tomorrow? I will be going home tomorrow?”
“No, you will not be going home at all. Your mother has agreed. It is too dangerous for you in Hermosillo still, and she hasn’t the means to protect you.”
“Or feed you,” Juan Carlos added.
Joaquin shook his head. “I will see to it that your family doesn’t starve. But you will be leaving, and taking your troublemaking ways with you. Your mother was not pleased by our report, you must know.”
I was so taken aback that I was silent.
“She should not have been surprised,” Juan Carlos said. “She herself has beguiled the entire city of Hermosillo, glowing as she does. It seems the apple did not fall far from that tree.”
“Nothing to say? No gratitude?” Joaquin said.
Finally I found my tongue. “Your report?”
“She brought you up to be a decent girl. She has no idea where you got the wiles to attempt a seduction. She is ashamed of you.”
“A seduction? It was you! You who kissed me!”
Consuelo laughed shortly. “You have a lot to learn, young lady. If your mother didn’t teach you, this will. A girl’s virtue is her only worth in a man’s eyes.”
“An unfair comment,” Juan Carlos said.
“Hardly. And your virtue is yours to defend, Marcela. By God’s grace, Joaquin saw through your wiles.”
I could not speak. My defense of my blamelessness would fall on deaf ears, not the least of which were my own. I had enjoyed the kisses, I had wanted more of them, and not only to benefit my family. I stared down at my hands, my face suffused with shame.
Consuelo said my name softly. “A stint in the mountains, away from bad family influences, will do you a world of good. You are a smart girl, as smart as a boy, and as unscrupulous. But your heart is good, and you will grow into a better woman away from here.” I could not meet her eyes. “In any event,” she went on, “it is decided. So go pack your trunk, and say your prayers. Zacatecas is a mining town, its citizens are rough-hewn, but the air is reported to be good and the future is yours to make of it what you will.”
A mining town in the mountains, far from my mother. I could not imagine a worse sentence for my crimes. I didn’t know which of my two sins was the greater: drawing the eye of a powerful man or telling the story of a queen.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Escort by: Skye Warren w/Giveaway

 Title: Escort
Author: Skye Warren
Series: Standalone Title
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: Mar 20 2018
Edition/Formats: 1st Edition ~ eBook & Print
There is no shame in pleasure. And no love in business.
I have a blind date tonight, and I know with 100% certainty that I'm getting lucky. There shouldn't be any surprises, not for one as jaded as me, but when I walk into the penthouse suite of L'Etoile, everything changes.
1) For one thing, Bea is heartstoppingly gorgeous. Pale green eyes and endless freckles. Curves I want to spend all night exploring, as if her body was made for me.
2) Her innocence makes me want to use my entire inventory of bedroom tricks on her and then invent a few more.
3) Except that... she’s a virgin.
I can initiate her into the world of desire without letting her get attached, can't I? A few hours of tutoring, and at the end of the night a small fortune will be deposited into my bank account.
Yes, you read that right. There are many words for what I do. After all, mine is the oldest profession. I'm an escort, which means this date is nothing more than a mutually enjoyable transaction.
But once I realize one night with her won’t be enough, I’m the one who's screwed.

“Oh God,” she says on a groan. “I’m screwing this up, aren’t I? There’s probably a secret handshake or something and I don’t know it. You must think I’m insane.”
I shake my head, slow and slight. “No secret handshake, I promise. There’s only you and me, having a conversation about pleasure.”
The word seems to take her aback. “Pleasure?”
“That’s the nature of my business, yes.” My body tightens, because it would be pleasure indeed to touch this woman. To kiss her. To make her moan for me.
Although I might have to rethink that plan, because the word pleasure might as well have been medieval torture based on the way Bea looks at me. “I thought we were going to have sex.”
She sounds so forlorn it could break my heart.
Instead I laugh, a small huff of breath, because I can’t afford to have a heart.
“Sex,” I say, standing to full height, circling the scuffed oriental coffee table, standing behind her chair. “And pleasure. Pleasure and sex. They’re interchangeable.”
I brush my knuckles over the side of her neck, a demonstration. Her wild curls tickle my skin.
It’s provocative, this. If she had agreed to dinner I would have started with small touches, a glance of my palm against the small of her back as I pulled out her chair, holding her hand while we talked over a glass of wine. Perhaps being so bold as to run a finger along the inside of hers, where it’s more sensitive. She would shiver; her gaze would meet mine.
There’s an order to these things. You can move fast or slow, but there’s still an order.
“We can skip the pleasure part,” she says, her voice high, her breathing faster. Her chest rises and falls in the black dress, made all the more alluring by how much it covers. She’s a mystery. The black sky in the city. I have to work to see her secrets.
“No,” I chide gently. “We focus on the pleasure. That’s the point.”
“What if—” Her breath catches as I drop the back of my hand over her collarbone, a reverse caress. That’s what one does for a skittish creature like her. “What if I have a different point?”
“And what point would that be, my sweet Bea?”
“I want to lose my virginity,” she says, so fast it comes out as a single word.
IWANTTOLOSEMYVIRGINITY. It takes my lust-warmed brain a full minute to comprehend. She’s not only nervous, this woman. She’s a virgin.
My hand freezes. I yank it away. “Pardon me?”
I can’t have heard her correctly. There is no chance in hell that this beautiful young woman, as strange and interesting as she is, is a virgin. No chance in hell that I was the one tasked to be her first. I could not possibly spread her legs and thrust inside her, knowing that no one’s ever been there. It would be a physical impossibility. Never. No possible way.
“It doesn’t have to take long,” she says, suddenly earnest. Almost begging me. “I don’t need…you know…whatever you do for other women. I only want the sex.”
My God. “You are insane.”
A scrunch of her nose. “Well, you don’t have to sound too surprised. It is what I requested when I called. The woman said that’s what you do.”
“I’m not taking your virginity.” On some level I might have guessed this about her. If I had considered it even possible, I might have. Virgins don’t hire me. They stammer and giggle and turn away from me, their protective instincts strong enough to send them in the opposite direction. So perhaps I can be forgiven for not recognizing this one, so forthright.
Bea frowns. “Is that a different department or something?”
She’s mocking me. She’s mocking me for being, well, prudish, and I feel strangely buoyant. I could float away with the absurdity of it. “Yes, it’s a different department. The department of a frat boy who fumbles around in the dark.”
“Are you seriously not going to do it?”
The irony is enough to flatten me that this is a woman I might have pursued outside this job. She would have been too young for me, even if I weren’t an escort and she wasn’t my client. That wouldn’t have stopped me from wanting her.
But in another incarnation, if I had been one of those fumbling frat boys, I would have followed this woman to the ends of the earth. That’s a hypothetical scenario on multiple levels, but I’m good at hypotheticals, which is another reason I’m good at my job.
So good that I please every single client I’ve ever had.
Until this one, apparently.

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