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Jack on the Rocks by: H. L. LeRoy w/ Review

Title: Jack on the Rocks
Author: H.L. LeRoy
Series: A LT. Jack Daniels Mystery (A loosely tied together series. But any of the stories can be read as a standalone.)
Genre: Thriller/Mystery
Publisher: Kindle Worlds (the World of J.A. Konrath)
Release Date: Dec 11, 2016
Edition/Formats Available In: eBook/Kindle ONLY
LIEUTENANT JACK DANIELS should have seen the avalanche of trouble headed her way but events had dulled her edge and crumbled her foundation of toughness. With the press and politicians all coming for her, Jack begins to question whether she is really a cold blooded murderer or simply losing her mind. Was it an officer involved shooting gone wrong? An honest mistake? Or, something much, much worse?
There's one thing for sure, it has turned the Chicago Police Department upside down, and Lieutenant Jack Daniels' life along with it.

On the way in, I called Herb and told him what happened, and he said he'd take care of Tina's car. I knew that the state's attorney wasn't going to bring me good news, and the word 'indictment' kept running through my mind.
When I got in, Banes told me the state's attorney was going to be late. Anger started to eat at me as I sat in my office cooling my heels.
A few minutes later, I saw Lieutenant Cavanaugh weave his way through the bullpen carrying a pink box of pastries.
"Donut call."
The few detectives who were in each grabbed a donut as he passed.
"Where's Herb?"
"He's following up on Tina Mills."
Cavanaugh stood at Herb's desk for a moment and then laid two chocolate ├ęclairs on a napkin. "He never could eat just one," he said.
Coming into my office he plopped the box on my side table. "Donut, Lieutenant?"
"Buzz in the halls is that the State's Attorney's on his way over. The Becky Walsh thing." He paused for a second. "I'm not surprised. They're slime. I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am about what happened. And more importantly to let you know that we're all on your side."
"I'm damaged goods around here, if I were you, I'd avoid me."
"Here's the thing. If it wasn't you, it would have been one of us. You did what any good cop would have done."
"How long have you been in Narco?'
"Sixteen years."
"Is there the same bullshit up there that we face down here?"
"I'd say it's worse but it's probably just as shitty.
"Well, I appreciate your kind words.
My first opinion of Cavanaugh had been dead wrong. He was a good guy and a good cop.
We sat and talked for a little bit longer and as Cavanaugh stood to leave, a suit walked into my office.
Medium height, with dark, perfectly quaffed news anchor hair, and wearing a tailored suit dropped a card on my desk.
I pushed it around with a pencil so it was turned the right way.
"Very impressive," I said and flicked the card away. "So tell me, ASA Douglas Abbott, why do you want to see me?"
"ASA Abbott is an asshole. He busts cops for a living." Cavanaugh gave Abbott a look and then made his way out of my office and through the bullpen.
"That true?"
"Like the man said, I bust cops."
"I'm sure your mother must be very proud."
He ignored my little dig.
"States Attorney Turner has assigned me to your case. He did so because I've never lost."
He seemed disappointed that I didn't respond.
"You have two files. One four-inches-thick and another almost seven inches thick, and you always seem to skate. Funny how that is."
"You're implying that I've been guilty and gotten away with it."
He shrugged.
"And that I'm not going to skate now."
He smiled. "You did shoot her after all."
"What happened to Internal Affairs? They're supposed to handle this stuff."
"Nepotism. They're working on it, but Mayor Walsh says I get first crack."
"Lucky me." My future wearing an orange jumpsuit flashed before my eyes.
"We'll be going for at least second degree murder." He smiled. "Four to twenty in prison."
"I know what murder two is."
"Maybe we'll discuss a plea," he said over his shoulder as he walked out. "How does that sound?"
"It sounds like Cavanaugh was right, you're an asshole."

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When I was given the chance to read this series I was new to Mystery/Crime novels. From the start of this amazing series I have been hooked to these characters. Jack on the Rocks is an exciting story that had me guessing the outcome from the start. Jack on the Rocks is now my favorite of the series. I highly recommend this book and series.

H. L. (Holly) LeRoy is an award winning, American short story writer and novelist. Born in San Jose, California, LeRoy currently resides in the Sierra Nevada Mountains with his family.
When J. A. Konrath approached me with the opportunity to write in Lieutenant Jack Daniels’ world, I jumped at the chance. Since my other works are in the mystery/thriller/action/adventure genres and tell the stories of strong female protagonists confronting impossible situations, I knew it was a perfect fit.

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