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JAX by: J.L. Perry w/ Interview

Title: JAX
Author: J.L. Perry
Series: It is an Interconnected Story to Bastard
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Hachette
Release Date: Nov 27 2016
Edition 1st ~ Formats ~ eBook & Print

My name is Jaxson Albright. To my friends I’m known as Jax. I’m the disgraced son of well-known Politician, Malcom Albright. You could say I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I was supposed to follow in my father’s footsteps and move into politics. My whole childhood was spent being groomed for this role, but that wasn’t what I wanted. I had other plans.
To my family’s disgust, I’m inked, I’m pierced and I own and run a tattoo parlour, in the hip suburb of Newtown. I fit in here. I can be the man I was destined to be, the man my family are ashamed of. The son they regret having.
I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my saviour, Candice. My pink-haired angel. We grew up in the same circle, but like me, she’s an outcast. She refused to conform to society’s ways. She’s the only one who stuck by me and not only encouraged, but supported my dream.
I love her. No, correction—I’m in love with her. I have been for as long as I can remember. She has no idea how I feel. It’s a battle I struggle with daily. I’ve kept my secret all these years because I couldn’t risk losing her. That’s a chance I’m not prepared to take, because she’s my best friend; my only real family.
I’ve spent the last few years moving from one hot chick to the next, trying to mask these feeling I have. But it doesn’t help—I can’t get her out of my head. She still owns my damn heart.
How do you get over the girl you know you can never have? And how do you live without the one person on this earth who is made for you?
She’s my soulmate.

‘I want you too, but I’m scared, Jax.’
‘Don’t be. You know I’d never hurt you.’
Tears sting my eyes. ‘You’ve already done that, remember.’
‘I’m sorry.’ His grip on me tightens. ‘Hurting you is the last thing I ever wanted.’
‘If we do this, are you going to run from me again?’
‘No. I need you in my life.’ There is so much conviction in his words.
‘Make love to me, Jax. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I want to feel that connection with you again.’
‘I don’t make love, Candice, I fuck.’
‘Well, fuck me then.’
A primal growl rumbles deep in his chest as he grinds his rock-hard cock against the coarse fabric of my jeans. I slide my trembling fingers into his hair as my mouth crashes into his. Are we really going to do this? I may be making the biggest mistake of my life, but I’m not going to over analyse the situation. I want to enjoy this moment with him, because it may very well be our last.
We make out for what seems like an eternity. Our hands, our mouths, our tongues are everywhere. We can’t seem to get enough of each other.
Then he suddenly stands, lifting me with him. ‘Wrap your legs around me,’ he says as he carries me towards his bedroom.
I’m trembling with anticipation. His fingers dig painfully into my arse as my mouth nips and sucks on his neck.
‘I’ve waited years to have you again, and I can’t deny myself any longer. I crave you, Candice.’ The look he gives me as he lays me down on the bed is so hot, I swear my panties disintegrate. ‘By the time I’m finished with you, even the neighbours will need a cigarette.’
Bring it on, Mr. Albright. Bring it on!
His warm breath dances over my skin, making it pebble with goose bumps, as his tongue travels a path up my neck. He sucks my earlobe into his mouth and I moan. ‘I want you like I’ve never wanted anything in my life,’ he whispers. I swear his words alone are going to make me orgasm.

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Where do the ideas for your books come from? 
No idea. What I can say, that since becoming a writer, I don’t look at the world the same way I used to. I see stories in people, places, situations … everywhere.

Have you ever co-written book/books? If so was it difficult?
If not would you ever consider co-writing with another author? I’m co-writing a free weekly series called, The Teacher, with a NYT Author friend of mine. I don’t find it hard, it’s fun. We chose a character each, and write alternate point of views. It’s very different to the way I usually write. I usually have the entire story mapped out in my head, but with this one, I never know where the story is heading until I get her chapters back.

Where do you get your character names from? 
Sometimes they’re names I like. Sometimes I let my readers choose. In my last 5 books, I’ve started including some of my loyal readers names as secondary charters. They love it, and it’s my way of giving back to them.

What type of research goes into your writing? 
Depends on what I’m writing. I do like to write about things that I know, or that are important to me. I try to include important life lessons and messages within my stories. But if research is required, I’ll source a wide range of different sites and sometimes people to make sure all my research is as accurate as it can get.
Are your family and friends supportive of your writing? 
Yes very.

Do you remember when your interest in writing came about? 
I’ve always loved to read, and secretly wanted to write my own stories for as long as I can remember. I never believed it was something I was actually capable of doing, until I sat down a few years ago and actually wrote my first book. I have nine published book now.

Other than writing what are your interest? 
Shopping, buying shoes (it’s my weakness) I have over 300 pairs. Spending time with my family and friends, listening to my favorite playlist on my iPod and drinking wine.

Did you learn anything from writing your books, if so what was it? 
I’ve learnt so much since I started writing. Not everyone is going to love you stories, but it’s important to stay true to yourself. I always write for me. Be kind to your readers, without them you are nothing. And most importantly, stay humble.

What are your current WIP? 
Can you share with us? I have two WIP at the moment. One is The Boss (which is a Novella) that’s releasing in Early 2017. I’m going to self-publish this one. And the other is Nineteen Letters, which I’m publishing through, Hachette. That will release later that year. Here are the blurbs. I’m excited to release them both.

Hanna Scott, she’s been my obsession since I was seventeen.
She’s the object of every dirty thought I’ve ever had.
I’m consumed.
I lust over her … albeit from afar.
She has no idea how I feel.
And my secret can never come out,
because there’s one major hurdle standing in our way …
she’s my best friend’s little sister.
When she offers to stand in as my temporary secretary, I’m torn.
Will I be able to risk the temptation?
Or will I succumb, and lose everything that I hold dear?

Nineteen. There is something about that number that not only brought us together, but bonded us forever. For a time though, it even tore us apart.     
       The 19th of January, 1996. I’ll never forget it. It was the day we met. I was seven and she was six. It was the day she moved in next door, and the same day I developed my first crush on a girl.
       Exactly nineteen years later, all my dreams came true when she became my wife. The love of my life—my soulmate. She was my everything. The reason I looked forward to waking up every morning.
       Then tragedy struck. Nineteen days after our wedding day, she was in an accident that would change our lives forever. When she woke from her coma, she had no memory of me, of us, of the love we shared.
       I was crushed. She was my air, and without her I couldn’t breathe.
       The sparkle that once glistened her eyes when she looked at me, was gone. To her, I was now a stranger. I’d not only lost my wife, I’d lost my best friend. I refused to let this tragedy be the end of us. That’s when I started writing her letters. Stories of our life. Of when we met. About the happier times, and everything we had experienced together throughout our lives.
       What we had was far too beautiful to be forgotten.

Food – Mexican
Color - Red
Quote – Be the change you wish to see in the world – Mahatma Ghandi
Movie – Grease.
Music – I like a wide range of music. From old to modern.
This or That
Day or Night - Day
Rain or Snow - Snow
Facebook or Twitter - Facebook
Mac or PC - Mac
Coffee or Tea – Hot chocolate

J. L. Perry is a mother and a wife. She was born in Sydney, Australia in 1972, and has lived there her whole life. Her love of reading, from a young age, gave her the passion to write. My Destiny was originally written for her sister, in 2013. It was never intended to be published. However, after finishing this book, she felt there was still a lot of Brooke and Logan's story left to tell. This inspired her to write My Forever. With the encouragement of her family and friends, she decided to follow her dream and become a published Author.
That dream was realised on the 6th of June, 2014.
My Destiny is her debut novel in the Destiny Series. My Forever is the conclusion to this book. Her third book Damaged - Jacinta's Story, was released October 15th, 2014. This is a standalone read, but is based on a character in My Forever. Her fourth book Against All Odds, is also a standalone read. It is based on Brooke and Logan's daughter, Angel. It was released on May 27th, 2015.
Her fifth book Bastard, was self-published in September, 2015, and became a #1 Bestseller, before she signed a five book deal with Hachette. Bastard was voted ‘Book You Must Read’ in the 2016 Readers Choice Awards. Bastard and Luckiest Bastard – the Novella, were re-released through Hachette on the 7th of December, 2015. Her next book Hooker released on the 31st May, 2016, and became an international #1 Bestseller. Jax, the beloved character from Bastard, will be getting his own story. It is set for release on the 27th November, 2016. Nineteen Letters, her 9th novel will be published late 2017. Just recently published is her title The Boss in the Alphas of Sin Anthology.
J. L.'s love of romance and happy endings makes a perfect combination when it comes to writing her beautiful love stories.
J. L. Perry would love to hear from you. 

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