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Vampire Creed by: Rain Grey w/ Interview

Title: Vampire Creed
Author: Rain Grey
Series: Standalone
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: May 21 2016
Edition/Formats: eBook
Blaine will do anything for the sake of Wendy, even if it’s against her wishes. She had quickly become a ray of light in his dark world and he had no plans of losing her. So when Red tells him that the deaths in town maybe related to her, Blaine accepts the case even after swearing never to work for the council again. He soon realizes there is more going on than the council had imagined and Wendy’s life was truly in danger. His fear of losing his new found love slowly becomes a reality as Blaine realizes his enemy is more powerful than he can handle.
Wendy is finally settling into her new life as a vampire. She enjoys spending her days exploring her new world with Blaine and attending school. Their peaceful life together is short lived. Blaine suddenly gets called upon by the Vampiric Council to capture a vampire leading a group that is causing a large amount of human deaths in the area. Wendy soon finds herself drawn into the chase upon discovering it has something to do with Theo, the vampire that assaulted her and turned her into a Half-Blood. For Blaine’s sake, she decides to push past her fear of her attack in order to find clues that may help him solve the mystery. The thing she is most frighten of is forever no longer meaning forever.

Wendy Slate
I got to the library minutes before nine thirty, Archer walking a few feet behind me.
"You don't have to act like my vampire bodyguard,” I murmured as I caught a small group looking at him with scared gazes, knowing he could hear me.
"Of course I do. I'm a vampire and your bodyguard."
Rolling my eyes, I paused, letting him catch up to me before wrapping my arm around his. "It wouldn't hurt to smile. Next thing I know, someone is going to report you to campus security and have you kicked out. Then you won't be much of a bodyguard, will you?"
This time he rolled his eyes, but he did relax his facial features.
Together we walked up the steps. My group was meeting in a study room on the third floor. When we arrived at the room, only Jason was there. Opening the door alerted him of our arrival and he looked up with a smile.
Wait a second. For a split second, it looked like he was glaring at Archer. His expression changed so fast I wasn't too sure I saw right, even with my keener eyesight since becoming a vampire.
"Who's this? New boyfriend already?" he asked, a smile on his lips.
Brushing away my suspicions, I shook my head. "He's a friend. He goes to school here too. Engineering major. Fifth year."
I was quite impressed with myself having come up with a lie on my toes. I was going to introduce Archer as a friend anyway, but Jason question kind of caught me off guard.
Jason nodded, accepting my words. "The other two said it will be a while before they get here. They wanted to stop by their dorm first,” he spared another glance at Archer. "Will he be staying?"
In response to that, Archer plopped himself into a chair in the corner of the room. "You won't even know I'm here," he said before taking out his cell phone.
I had a feeling that wouldn't be the truth if he planned on continuing watching his wrestling show. Ignoring him, I sat at the table across from Jason.
"I started developing some samples for the project," I stated as I took my notebook and laptop from my backpack.
I started to go over what I had so far with him briefly as well as sharing our other ideas. Though, honestly, I was ready to leave before I even got here. I still had yet to convince Archer to take me to where Theo had brought me. And by not convince, I meant not even approach to the subject. As soon as the thought crossed my mind, I was guarding my thoughts so Archer would be none the wiser.

Friday, July 22, 2016

You Never Could Be by: Amy Romine w/ Interview

Title: You Never Could Be
Author: Amy Romine
Series: Standalone
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Release Date: May 8 2016
Edition: eBook
A passion-fueled encounter in the corridor of a hotel convention room reveals two anguished hearts struggling to reconnect despite life’s difficulties. Will Carlisle, the eye candy of the office, is every woman’s dream, tall, handsome, and dashingly charming. Sara Rozek never guessed he has secretly wanted her for months now. When a bad day falls upon them and Will breaks the reins of his own restraint, she sees the burning passion in his eyes, and there is no denying the mutual attraction. Will and Sara’s start quickly runs awry, and Sara becomes convinced she was played for a fool. Will begs her to listen to him, but she turns away in fear. Can Will mend her broken heart, or will the passion they shared vanish forever?

She needed to cool down. The answer was a small bar a few miles from her apartment. She knew it to always be filled with locals, meaning they could relax and not worry about any peering office eyes.
They walked inside the darkened tavern. She felt his hand on her back leading her to the corner of the bar. He called over the bartender and looked to her with a smile. “I’ll take a corona with a lime and the lady would like…”
“The same, please.” She took the seat next to him against the wall.
He laid some money on the bar before taking his seat. “So you needed a drink.” He leaned forward against the bar beside her, playfully nudging her shoulder.
“So is it all my fault, or just the day in general?"
“More the day than you, to be honest.”
“So what happened wasn’t completely shocking?”
“Oh, it was shocking.” She suppressed the uncomfortable laugh residing in the back of her throat and instead released a small giggle. “It just wasn’t unwanted.”
“The rest of the day pretty much sucked.”
“No argument there.” The bartender arrived with their beers. Sara took a drink of it, allowing room for the lime she pushed within the bottleneck. She reached for the salt shaking it onto the mouth of her bottle.
“What are you doing?”
The beer began to react to the salt, and she took a quick sip before it overflowed.
“What? You’ve never put salt in your beer?”
“I can’t say that I have.” He smiled at her—he had the nicest smile—as she took another sip from her beer. Conscious to keep the air of confidence she had created around herself, she refused to break his gaze.
“Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.”
“May I?”
“Go for it.” Will twisted his body to face her, picked up her beer, and took a sip. She smiled in expectation of his reaction. He remained stoic, placing the beer back on the bar, and a giggle escaped from her chest. “So?”
“Not bad.”
“I told you.”
“That you did.”
“See, you should listen to me more often.”
“I am now convinced.”
“It’s about time.” She rose from her seat. “I’ll be back.”
Sara walked through the bar past the set of pool tables and small dance floor. She pushed her way into the ladies' room. She drained her bladder, washed her hands, and looked at her reflection in the mirror.
Why was it so shocking that he kissed her? Attracted to her? She wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous, but she wasn’t a leper. In fact, she looked damn good for thirty-four. She managed to keep her slim tight figure. It curved in the right places, and she had no complaints. She had no problems rocking a tight dress, or mini skirt. Her brown eyes were a little boring, but her defined features and glossy thick chestnut hair more than made up for it. She always got complimented on her hair. People said it shined like polished glass beneath the lowest of lights.
The heat of his demanding kiss flashed in her mind. A blush rose in her cheeks, and she took a breath. The reaction was spawned not only from the event, but the guilt that came with it.
What did she have to feel guilty about? They were both single, so it wasn’t like they were offending anyone. They worked together, but due to recent events, he was no longer her boss. Was that what prompted him to act so quickly in the parking lot?
She was puzzled. A quick once-over and she stepped out of the bathroom to return to the bar. A warm hand caught her wrist. She turned, and he flashed that infamous grin. She couldn’t help but smile back, and he pulled her along to the dance floor. A few couples were scattered around them. Once she was within reach, he placed her hand on his shoulder, the other against his chest. His hands gently grasped her waist, and they began to sway to the music. Her skin tingled with his proximity. His hands kneaded the muscles of her back, and she tilted her head looking up at him.
“I didn’t know you danced.”
“What can I say, I’m full of surprises.”
“Why today?”
“What do you mean?”
“What happened? Why are you dancing with me instead of on an airplane?”
She laid the question out without accusation, just curiosity, and she watched him process it. She wondered what his reaction would be and patiently waited for his response.
“If given the choice between a stuffy airplane, and dancing with you, the choice is obvious.”
“You’re avoiding the question.”
“Am I?”
“Yes, and I’m wondering why.”
“Maybe because the reason doesn’t matter.”
“Then there should be no problem in answering the question.”
“You would think that, wouldn’t you?” His hands moved up her back, and she continued to challenge him with her eyes.
“I’m not a fling, Will.” His hand slid up and into her hair. A chill raced her spine, and his eyes searched her face.
“You never could be, Sara.” 
The statement stopped her breath and her eyes began to lower. She felt his warmth against her cheek just before his lips brushed hers. The act was timid and a wordless request for permission. Her eyes closed, and instinctively drawn to his mouth, she raised her chin to meet the call of his embrace. His lips were warm and soft, coaxing in their ability to ignite her body. They continued to sway to the sultry sounds around them, his strong arms holding her tightly against him.

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(BLITZ) Candlemoth: A Holy City Romance by: Pauline West

Title: Candlemoth A Holy City Romance
Author: Pauline West
Series: Candlemoth A Holy City Romance (Book 1)
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: June 23 2016
Edition/Formats: eBook

A bold and independent free spirit from the foster system of small town South Carolina, Lily is a survivor with skeletons in her closet. She knows what she wants and how to get it. And a spoiled rich playboy is not part of her plan- but Ry is irresistible.

The bad boy heir to the Calhoun fortune, Ry is a notorious Lowcountry playboy who's never met a challenge like gorgeous Lily Inoue.
How can someone so wrong feel exactly right?
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Pauline West is a bookworm, trail runner and bourbon lover. Her hobbies include mild hypochondria and ill-advised matchmaking.

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Chasing the Dream by: Andrew Grey w/ Guest Post & Giveaway

Title: Chasing the Dream  
Author: Andrew Grey
Series: (Set in the Bronco Boys Universe) (Book 1 in Spin Off)
Genre:  M/M Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: July 11 2016
Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print
Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Brian Paulson has lived a life of luxury and ease. If he’s been left lonely because of his family’s pursuit of wealth and their own happiness, he figures it’s a small price to pay for what he sees as most important: money.
Cade McAllister has never had it easy. He works two jobs to support himself, his mother, and his special-needs brother. They don’t have much, but to Cade, love and taking care of the people who are important to him mean more than material possessions. When Cade is mugged in the park, he can’t afford to lose what little he has, and he’s grateful for Brian’s intervention.
Cade is given a chance to return the favor when Brian’s grandfather passes away and Brian’s assets are frozen. Cade offers Brian a place to stay and helps him find work, and the two men grow closer as they learn the good and the bad of the very different worlds they come from. Just as Brian is starting to see there’s more to life than what money can buy, a clause in his grandfather’s will could send their relationship up in smoke.

“Mr. Paulson?” Cade said, and he turned to see him with the manager of the restaurant right behind him.
“There’s seems to be a problem with your card,” the manager explained.
Brian pulled out his wallet and handed them another.
“I’ll have to call them tomorrow.”
He turned back to Peter, who said good night. Brad also said good night and followed Peter out. Brian sat in his chair once again, and this time Cade and the manager returned, both looking just as dour.
“I’m afraid this one has been declined as well.”
He placed the card on the countertable, and Brian went cold.
“There has to be some mistake.”
“Quite possibly, I’m sure.” The manager was clearly uncomfortable.
“You know who I am?” Brian said, holding himself high in order to hide his embarrassment. Nothing like this had ever happened to him. He’d need to call his trustee as well as the bank and yell at all of them in the morning.
“Yes, I do.” He sounded snooty, as though Brian had been caught stealing. “Cade is off shift and has agreed to go home with you to get the bill paid. A check will suffice, but if it isn’t good, we will call the police, and we will know where you can be found.”
Brian wanted to snap at him and put him in his place, but the realization hit him that he was in no position to bargain. The manager could simply call the police, and then that story would hit the papers. His family would have a cow. His fucking aunt and uncle would be making snide comments about it for years.
“Of course. It’s just some mix-up.” Brian stood to get ready to leave.
“I’ll need a minute to change,” Cade said and hurried away.
Brian left the dining room. This was one time he did not want to be the center of attention. When Cade came out, they walked to his car.
“I’m sorry about all this,” Brian said as embarrassment rose once again. He hated being out of control, and this was certainly that. He had a trust fund set up by his family grandfather that was his source of money. He never gave it any thought and never asked anyone else for anything. Being beholden to any of his relatives was not something he was the least bit interested in.
Brian started the car and drove sedately through town, then parking parked in front of his building. He figured he’d have to take Cade back to the restaurant once he’d straightened this out. They got out of the car and went inside, riding rode up to his floor in the elevator and unlocking unlocked his condo door.
Inside he went right to his desk.
“This is amazing,” Cade said, walking over to the windows to peer out.
Brian found his checkbook and wrote a check that included the amount for the bill plus a generous tip for Cade, especially considering the trouble he’d gone through. “Here you are,” he said, walking to where Cade stared. He’d seen that view so many times he rarely paid any attention to it any longer.
Cade took the check and put it carefully in into his pocket. “I bet you have a front-row seat for the fireworks from up here,” Cade said, practically pressing his nose to the glass. He seemed so enthralled that Brian stood next to him, looking down to the park near the art museum.
“I don’t think I’ve ever been here for that.” His uncle always had one of his family “command performance” parties at his house.
“What a shame,” Cade said softly and then seemed to blink out of his thoughts.
“I should get you back to the restaurant.” Brian was anxious to have this whole episode behind him, even if being with Cade was rather nice. There were no expectations, either good or bad. His family always expected the worst, and he usually delivered on that. His friends expected either the clown or the party animal, and he was adept at playing both those roles.
“Yeah.” He didn’t turn right away. “I love the art museum under all the lights. They have the brise-soleil up, and it looks like it’s going to sail away into the night.”
Cade practically bounced, and Brian turned to where he was looking. He’d never really paid any attention before.
“It does,” he agreed. Brian stood at his own windows for a few more minutes as Cade marveled over what Brian saw every day. It was like experiencing something brand new, and he’d lived here for over a year.
“I’m sorry. I got carried away,” Cade said as he stepped back from the window. “I shouldn’t take up any more of your time.” He patted his pocket. “I appreciate you giving me the check. My boss will be happy about that.” The nervous energy seemed to be back once again.
“Let me give you a ride,” Brian offered, and they left the condo and rode, riding back down. When Brian stepped outside the building, he instantly noticed a number of things. His car was sitting on a towing company flatbed, and large men moved to stand behind him. “What the hell is going on?”
“The people who own the car as well as the condo have decided that you don’t get to use them any longer,” one of the men said as he crossed his bulging arms over his thick chest and stared blankly ahead, as though he wasn’t even seeing Brian at all.
Brian walked up to the huge man who spoke to him. “I own the condo and the car,” he snapped.
“Do you?” he asked and placed a card in Brian’s hand. It had his grandfather’s name on it and nothing else.
“Shit!” He crumpled the card and tossed it back at the man. “What the hell am I supposed to do now?” Brian yanked out his phone. “Peter, thank God,” he began as soon as the call was answered. “Everything is messed up right now, and I need a favor. Can I crash with you tonight?”
Peter hesitated. He sounded winded. “Umm, I have company already. I don’t think that’s a particularly good idea. What happened? Why can’t you stay at your place?”
“My grandfather,” Brian answered.
“Is that what happened with the bill at the restaurant?” Peter asked, and Brian wondered how word could possibly have gotten around so fast. “Carolyn Langdon was at the next table. I’m surprised you didn’t notice her. She spread the word that you were having money trouble within seconds.” Peter groaned softly and tried to muffle it but failed. “I need to go. Call me when all of this is straightened out.” He hung up.
Brian wanted to smash his phone on the sidewalk, but he needed it.
“Simone,” he said when his second call was answered. “I need a place to crash for a few days. Things are really getting weird, and I need some help.”
“Sorry, sweetheart, but we’re getting ready to go out of town for a few weeks.”
She sounded like talking to him was the last thing she wanted to be doing. What the fuck was wrong with these people? He’d shown them a good time for years. Hell, just a few hours ago he was buying them dinner and having a great time.
“We heard what happened, and I’m so sorry to hear that. If we’d have known, we certainly could have helped, but…. Just a second. No. Don’t pack that. I’ll be there in a minute. I really need to go. But I’ll call you when we get back, and I really hope you get all this straightened out.”
She made a kiss noise and then hung up. Brian was floored. Two of his closest friends had turned him away.
Cade had moved out of the way and was on the phone. “Yes, I have the check. Would it be okay if I brought it in tomorrow when I come to work?” Cade seemed nervous once again. “Thank you. I’ll come in a little early so you’ll have it.”
He hung up, and Brian heard a sigh of relief.
Brian made a few more calls, none of which were answered, and he left messages with each of them. He told himself he could straighten all this out when he went to the lawyer’s in the morning. In the meantime, it was getting late, and he needed a place to stay. He almost called his uncle, but his finger hovered above the number. He hated to ask that piece of work for anything. He shivered both from cold and what his uncle would say.
The night air was starting to get under his shirt. The wind off the lake had died down, but the breeze was still chill and damp. Brian pulled out his wallet to see what cash he had on him and realized there wasn’t enough for even a cheap hotel room. He never carried much cash. He always paid by credit card.
“I don’t know what’s going on, but you can come home with me for the night,” Cade offered in a rather quiet voice. “My apartment is really small, and it’s nothing like that one.” Cade looked up the building. “But I have a sofa you can use for the night.” Cade bit his lower lip slightly.
“Thank you,” Brian said through his desperation. He couldn’t believe his friends had deserted him. All he was asking for was a place to sleep for a single night. That was all the time he needed to straighten this out. “You don’t have to do that,” Brian said, feeling something he couldn’t ever remember, humility.
“In the park, you helped me.”
Brian turned to the men by the door of the building, letting others in. He wanted to scream at them again. That was his home. Hell, he thought of calling the police, but if his grandfather had something to do with this, even dead, it wasn’t likely they would intervene.
“We need to go,” Cade said.

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(COVER REVEAL) As Cold As Thorns by: Isis Sousa

Title: As Cold As Thorns
Author: Isis Sousa
Series: Standalone
Genre: Dark Fantasy/Gothic/Paranormal
Publisher: Tragic Books
Release Date: Nov 1 2016
Edition/Formats: eBook & Print

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Sonar the Surge by: B Truly & The Circle Complete by: KM Montemayor w/ Giveaway

Title: The Circle Complete
Author: K.M. Montemayor
Series: The Circle Series (3)
Genre: SciFi, Romance
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: April 25 2014
Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print
Love Trust Loss Peace. The Circle Complete.
Lilly and Charlie’s journey reaches its ultimate conclusion.   


Title: Sonar the Cyclone
Author: B Truly
Series: The Sonar Series (3)
Genre: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance, SciFi
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: April 23 2016
Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print
Converge with Your Destiny
   Eclipsed by darkness, the Romelands must face the ultimate quest. If they are forced toward the umbra peak, they will be completely obscured.
  Symone struggles with her most challenging battles … the conflict within herself. Losing loved ones steals part of her soul. Despair has created a gaping hole where her heart should be. Symone doesn’t even recognize herself. She has to determine if this is the person she’s turned into, or if it is who she has always been.
  Nile is an attractive aristocrat whose charm and arrogance drives Symone insane. Beyond Symone’s control, Nile is spun into her life. But she’s not sure if she can have a relationship with him or where that could lead her. Embracing love could make her whole again, but it may also destroy her. Symone must travel through the opaque light in order to find where her destiny lies.
  Symone’s family … Shiray and Syira, continue to fight in the feuds of their galaxy. Together they have to find the balance between compassion and sacrifice. Kadanans are being held captive, and they hold the fate of their world in their hands. They have only begun to understand the consequences of the devastating realities of war.
  The enemy of my enemy is my friend, is the philosophy the Romelands now abide by. With chaos and turmoil at every corner, they may forget what is worth fighting for. The surge for power has erupted. Only the strongest race will be left standing.