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The Uncensored Truth: Let's Talk About Sex by: L.G. Erikson w/ Interview& Giveaway

Title: The Uncensored Truth: Let’s Talk About Sex
Author: L.G. Erikson
Series: Standalone
Genre: Nonfiction
Publisher: DivisonHouse Publishing
Release Date: Feb 27 2015
Edition/Formats: eBook & Print
Sources: Author
What exactly is mind-blowing sex? Are women and men really that different? Why is sex so important for our well-being?
The author fearlessly explains in juicy details what it takes — for anyone — to experience real sexual bliss. "Let's Talk About Sex" gives you an unprecedented insight into the nature of sexuality from every possible angle. Packed with loads of information and highly entertaining stories we learn how to discover our true nature. Whether you're in a relationship or into one night stands, this book has something for everyone.
In a refreshingly straightforward language, the author tackles social and sexual taboos and encourages all readers to truly become themselves.
A bold, fascinating, and empowering read that will make you rethink everything you've learned about sex.

It’s always tricky to use the word “normal” to describe something since it’s a term created by society and it can mean very different things in different cultures and social settings. So let me elaborate:
When I use the phrase “normal sex,” I mean anything, ranging from the average “I’m gonna hop on top of you and hump you until I come,” (male) to “I’m glad that’s over,” (woman). Or “hopefully we got pregnant now,” (mainly women), “Ok, that was alright,” (man or woman), or “how long do I have to blow you until you come,” (woman or man…. just replace the latter with ‘eat you’ instead of ‘blow you’ for the man). Others could be “maybe in time it’ll be more fun” (either one), and “why does he always finish before I’m ready?” (woman)… and the list goes on.
To be very clear:
I’m not insinuating that the sex positions/lack of acrobatics are the problem.
What I mean is the way you involve yourself in the act. You can have completely traditional sex and it can blow your mind.
Sex acrobatics have nothing to do with it. It’s the enjoyment factor, how turned on you are. This is a book about breaking through limitations and dropping judgmental behavior.
However, even when sex is fairly exciting for both parties, there’s often that subtle feeling that it could be better, that it was better in your head (as a fantasy, which men as well as women have but often don’t admit to) than in reality or that something was missing or your sex partner didn’t quite get what you wanted, and similar things. On a side note, while it is very normal to have fantasies about sex or other partners, if you have truly mind-blowing sex this won’t even occur to you while in the act. That’s also a good indicator that the sex you’re having right now – while in your mind you’re having sex with the hot neighbor – can’t be that hot after all.
Getting back to the point that somehow this was a tad better in your mind than in reality, therefore you must face an important fact: you had half-ass sex, you both didn’t allow yourself to “melt into each other.” Both parties are guilty of that.
But what exactly do I mean when I use the term “melt into each other”?
Often that happens by accident the first time, which is why most people don’t understand what it is. They think it’s a onetime thing, some special sexual connection they have with that one particular person. They often don’t understand that it was the connecting part with the other person, that they allowed themselves to really open up to them. I’m not suggesting that you can create that with everyone, obviously chemistry is always the key, but don’t confuse sexual chemistry with being in love. Any time you have chemistry with someone, you have the potential for mind-blowing sex.
I will tell you a few stories to give you an example of mind-blowing sex, so you get an idea what it feels like....

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Fire and Rain by: Andrew Grey w/ Guest Post & Giveaway

Title: Fire and Rain  
Author: Andrew Grey
Series: Carlisle Cops #3
Genre:  M/M Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: Jan 11 2016
Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print
Since the death of their mother, Josten Applewhite has done what he’s had to do to take care of his little brother and keep their small family together. But in an instant, a stroke of bad luck tears down what little home he’s managed to build, and Joss and Isaac end up on the streets.
That’s were Officer Kip Rogers finds them, and even though he knows he should let the proper authorities handle things, he cannot find it in his heart to turn them away, going so far as to invite them to stay in his home until they get back on their feet. With the help of Kip and his friends, Joss starts to rebuild his life. But experience has taught him nothing comes for free, and the generosity seems too good to be true—just like everything about Kip.
Kip knows he’s falling hard for Joss, and he likes the way Joss and (brother) make his big house feel like a home. But their arrangement can’t be permanent, not with Joss set on making his own way. Then a distant relative emerges, determined to destroy Joss’s family, and Kip knows Joss needs him—even if he’s not ready to admit it.

Josten woke with a start. It was still dark, but he was too warm and definitely too comfortable. Something was wrong. When he opened his eyes and saw the streetlight-illuminated room with a fireplace and nice curtains, he remembered. Isaac was still asleep, burrowed down into the covers, pressed right against him, but he began to stir. Josten wanted to break into tears, but he’d already done that once and that was enough. He and Isaac had been fed and given a place to sleep that wasn’t on the streets or in one of those dormitory rooms with dozens of other people snoring, crying out, or just plain yelling their fear and terror in the middle of the night.
“Josten,” Isaac whined from next to him. “I have to go.”
“Okay,” Jos said and lifted Isaac out of the bed. He quietly opened the door and walked as softly as he could across the upstairs hall to the bathroom, where a nightlight burned. He set him on the potty so he could go.
“I like it here. It’s warm and there are no scary people.”
“I know.”
“Can we stay here? Mr. Policeman seems nice.”
“I doubt it,” Jos said. This was only for one night, and after Kip gave them some food in the morning, he and Isaac would be on their way. Maybe he could find a way to make some money so the two of them could get to a place where they might have a chance. What he needed was a job and a place to live. He’d had both of those not long ago, but then everything had gone to hell in two days. Two fucking days was all it had taken to pull his life away from him and put both him and Isaac on the streets. He hadn’t known it could happen that fast, but it had, and Jos didn’t know what to do to fix it. “Are you done?”
Isaac nodded, and Jos helped him off the toilet and helped him wipe. Then Jos pulled up his pajamas and lifted him into his arms. When he opened the door, he found Kip coming up the stairs with a glass of water. Jos smiled and took Isaac back to the bedroom and closed the door. He heard Kip go back to his room, and then the house was still once more.
“This is really nice,” Isaac said as he burrowed under the covers.
“I know it is, but we can’t get used to it, okay? I don’t know where we’re going to have to sleep tomorrow, but I’ll do my best for you. I can promise you that.” Jos hugged Isaac to him. “Now go to sleep, okay?”
“Okay,” Isaac said and laid his head on the pillows. They were too soft for the likes of them. It had been longer than Jos wanted to admit since he’d slept someplace as nice as this. His fears for tomorrow kept him awake for a while, but fatigue eventually won out.

Friday, January 22, 2016

The Joy of Comfort Eating by: Suzanne Jefferies

Title: The Joy of Comfort Eating
Series: The Joy of Series (#1)
Genre: Chick Lit/Romance /Contemporary
Release Date: Nov 17
Edition/Formats: eBook & Print
Its the worst day of Charlie Eversons life. Not only can she no longer fit into her clothes—disaster for any public relations director—but also her first love, the sexy super-successful Brian Tendai, is her new CEO, the last person she ever expected to run into. Seeing him again tumbles Charlie back into her past. There are still so many unanswered questions: hes convinced she left him, shes convinced he left her. Charlie minimizes the ‘ex’ factor. Tell that to her emotions that are running wild.
But Brians not there to rekindle their romance. Hes overseeing Queenswood Communications’ recent merger after a hostile takeover. Guess whose name is at the top of the list?
They agree to one night together, just the one, then its back to business as normal. Or is it?

The Joy of Comfort Eating is a contemporary romance novel set in cosmopolitan Johannesburg.

Her gaze dropped before she had a chance to stop her thoughts. Beautiful hands, long fingers…. Remember what those fingers used to do?
“It’s been...” he started.
“Years,” she finished.
“Oh. You already know each other.” Shelley twitched her nose.
“You could say that.” Brian grinned. “You haven’t changed a bit.”
That voice. How could she have forgotten that voice? He’d always sounded like he should advertise premium deep-roasted coffee.
Charlie adjusted her waistband as she felt the elastic dig into her flesh, and pulled her sweater further down over her backside. “What happened to the big music career?”
Brian scratched behind his ear. “Well, that was a long time ago. What have you been up to?”
He looks exactly the same. Dark coarse hair close cut, solid frame, the only difference being the dark beard around his lips. He smelled of lemons and spices, and of a time long ago when they’d had dreams and acres of future waiting to be explored.
“What have I been up to? Not much, really.” Charlie took in the pink shirt, the rolled-up sleeves, and the opened collar. Brian-Badass-Tendai does corporate. And he does it well.
Charlie noted the change in temperature, the heat rising, the sound of hearts beating in sync.
Had to be nostalgia. One never forgot their first love, did they? Just hormones.
But if she had to look at those hands again, the curve of his mouth. Chocolate fudge brownies—
“It’s good to see you again,” he said.
With lashings of cream oozing over the spongy goodness—
“I have to get back to my desk,” she explained.
And crushed pecan nuts tossed over—
“Charlie. It’s good to see you again,” he repeated.
She walked over to her desk.
And a big-eyed fly stuck fast in the sauce.
Definitely the worst day of her life.

Suzanne Jefferies loves to write contemporary romance and paranormal fiction. She believes in happily-ever-afters, in fiction. As a member of ROSA (Romance Writers of South Africa), she knows that she’s not the only believer in romantic tension and emotional power smacks to keep the romance reader hooked. A movie fanatic, she spends most of her time writing scripts, fielding production for short films, and trying again. Working in communication, she has done more than her fair share of corporate and investor PR, and now lectures in between editorial jobs for big, glossy company magazines. The Joy of Comfort Eating is her first contemporary romance novel.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Six by: Lissa Jay

Title: Six 
Author: Lissa Jay
Series: Company of Sinners (#2)
Genre: Romance/Erotic/MC
Publisher: Private Moments Publishing
Release Date: Dec 17 2015
Edition/Formats: eBook & Print 

A chance encounter with Chloe, aka 'Nina', an erotic dancer at The Fox Hub, leaves Six, VP of Company of Sinners MC, wanting more. The passion that sparks between them is electrifying but their relationship, while hot and insatiable is also dangerous. 
If Six lets Chloe into his heart it could cost her life. If he doesn't it could send her into the arms of another man.

      “So, how've you been?”
Without turning around, she huffed. “Oh I think you already know that, Stalky Stalkerson.”
Busted. I sighed heavily and shrugged. “Hey, I'm just looking out for you, Chloe dancer. Wouldn't want the big bad wolf to find you and get in here, now would we?”
She turned to face me and I watched as she swallowed hard and twisted a spoon around between her fingers. “I... I think it's a little too late for that, don't you?” she whispered.
Suddenly I was unable to speak, caught up in those damned beautiful brown eyes of hers. Sucked into a speechless trance all over again. And for a couple seconds I stood there trying to figure out what to make of the fact that she had insinuated I was the big bad wolf.

Author of Amazon bestselling novel Bad Company.
Lissa began her writing career in 2012 in the contemporary romance genre under her own name.
The Scotland based author has loved dipping her toe into other genres and writing erotic romance under this pen name is her latest venture.

Company of Sinners Series
Six (2)