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Entrapment by: Raquelle Stepney w/ Interview & Giveaway

Title: Entrapment
Author: Raquelle Stepney
Series: A Valhalla Legacy Novel (Book 1)
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy/Epic
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: April 20 2015
Edition/Formats: eBook & Print
Secrets. Love. Destiny. Deceit.
Sasha Kensington, Jane Wineheart, Yvonne Ames, Yasmine Wassen, and Alicia Vega have been tapped to join Valhalla Prepatory School they enrolled thinking it was just another school for the rich, powerful, and the elite. What they got was a school full super powered girls training to be warriors that serve Azalea Larkspur, Goddess of all life that keeps life flowing in balance and harmony. Their knowledge of their powers were sealed away from them. Now they embark on journey of self-discovery and their legacy. All while still trying to be normal teenagers with the fate of the world resting on their shoulders. The Millennium Force, enemies of their ancestors past is back and stronger than ever. Will they choose the world or themselves?

Since the dawn of time, the war of good and evil has always played with fate, with the earth, and with the flow of the universe. How mankind dictates their actions and influences the nature of life depends on the nature that governs them. Azalea Larkspur is one entity that provides balance; if the balance should shift too much, Azalea could grow weak and die.
There was a legend about five women who had been marked since birth that should rise to the call when mankind and the universe are in need. To restore balance, these warriors came together as one to fight against dark forces that were after life’s entity and energy. These warriors that command the elements also help protect the zenith of Azalea Larkspur, who keeps all of life’s spiritual energy in perfect harmony and balance. If Azalea Larkspur disappears or the flow of life energy is disturbed, life itself could be sent into chaos, leading to the destruction of humanity. The universe would be sent into an abyss of turmoil and time would flow in an endless loop. To restore the tranquility of life, the angel of time must seek out the chosen Guardians of Valhalla. In ancient times, they were called Valkyries.
I could sense the dark currents in the atmosphere… Dark figures coming at me… I could feel them approaching from the north, southeast, and southwest. The chill that came through the air reeked of despair, famine, death, war, pestilence…signs of the dark four near—two from my left and two from my right. An ambush. Why was I not surprised?
She spoke Indicium. Time stopped from the sides and below on Earth, and the sky shook in a loud cry of roaring thunder. The Seal of Judgment opened her wings and expanded, contracting like time but with the speed of a falcon. In one breath she flew through the seal, and as she came back through, dove-like birds swarmed around her in a double helix. They slowly dissolved in a yellowish white fire. It engulfed her body, her right hand raised toward the sky as a flaming sword materialized in her hand. On the wrist of her left arm, the Seal of Judgment appeared.
The sky closed and the four figures drew closer. She realized they weren’t the true dark four; they were the messengers. She cast her sword and thrust it toward her enemies. The sword moved swiftly in a forward winding motion and transformed into flaming arrows. The arrows hit their mark.
“In the name of the Almighty, be gone, return to the lake of fire from which you came,” she commanded.
The arrows pierced them, engulfing them in flames. She hadn’t forgotten about the other two.

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Thank you for joining us today. I hope we haven’t interrupted your busy schedule too much.

Can you tell us how you came to be an author? Has it been an easy or difficult journey?
·         I always loved writing I thought it would be a hobby, but it came to be so much more to me.  It was funny back in 2010 I started working on Entrapment when I was going to the  Ai-Dallas for Fashion & I was waiting on my brother to make it home. I stayed at school to work on the idea for a story of five girls saving the world all still learning about themselves. The journey has been rough because although I did some research I am still learning through trial and error.

What motivates you as an author?
·         I guess knowing that the world I create in my stories I am hoping the  let their imagination run for bit and they enjoy reading my books. Also when I see my book in physical form I get ecstatic everytime… I really did do it I am one step closer to reaching my dream and hopefully aspiring other writers. When I first got the Entrapment paperback I just about cried and proud of myself for finishing it.

How do you deal with rejection and setbacks as an author?
·         When I get setbacks it frustrating because I don’t feel like I did my best or the best wasn’t  brought out…rejections it a little harder, but I can handle it better because of past failures, so I keep believing everything will work out for the best. At times I question giving up, but then I think back on all that’s happened in my life, and say well I have never been a quitter so I will not start now. I just have keep working and make the next book better than the last and be proud of what I did accomplish.

How do you deal with writer’s block?
·         I used to take a break until inspiration kicked in and I search the internet to see what authors have done to get over writers block and implement different methods until one of them works for me. Lately I have forcing work through the block and it wasn’t bad.

Do you have any motivational books or websites which you find useful from time to time?
  Yes, Magic - by Rhonda Byrne
·         I have two quotes  one from a movie and one from a mentor
“Don’t Let The Fear Of Striking Out Keeping You From Playing The Game” – A Cinderella Story
Now I am the voice. I will lead not follow. I will believe not doubt. I will create not destroy. I am a force for good. I am a leader. Defy the odds set a new standard.” –Janet Urban, Friends In Film

Who has been the biggest influence upon your writing?
·         Anime and manga has the biggest influence on my writing and my favorite authors

Tell us about a typical day for you. Do you have any special routines which you strictly keep to?
·         Reading, School, writing,  home, tv, sleep. Or writing, school, reading, home, tv, sleep  usually in one of these two orders. Sometimes I take a day or two with no writing because I am doing a paper for school.

How have family and friends reacted to you as an author? Are they supportive?
·         Some are supportive and some are not.

Do you have a muse? If so, please could you tell us a little about him/her?
·         I don’t have a muse just when an idea hits me.

What have been your biggest projects so far this year?
·         would have to say following Entrapment  my biggest project so far is Pages Of An Hourglass because it’s supposed to be one big single novel, but I am thinking of making companion novels to  it, but I need finish all my open projects first.

Going forwards as an author, what do you realistically hope to accomplish?
·         I just want to be a successful author and write lots of great books. I hope to crossover eventually and get a literary agent and sign with a big publishing house.

Raquelle Stepney was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She graduated high school June 6, 2008. Her mantra: Spaz It Out or Flaunt It. She is a quirky and goofy upcoming author of young adult fiction. She longs to travel and see the world and experience the culture and cuisine of different places. An Adventure at heart and food lover especially chocolate. She loves writing, acting, and fashion. Her hobby is drawing/painting, sketching fashion illustrations, sewing tote bags. Her favorite color is purple. She's a college student and hopes to inspire others by going after her dreams. Her book Entrapment a Valhalla Legacy novel is now available. It is the first installment in a series. Rhythm of the Garden she hopes you will enjoy it. This piece will give you a feel for who she is in some ways. Her next book is Pages Of An Hourglass. 

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