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Time Shifters by: Myra Nour w/ Interview

Title: Time Shifters
Author: Myra Nour
Series: Standalone
Genre: Paranormal Romance w/ Time Travel Elements
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: May 1 2015
Edition/Synopsis: eBook
Briana has heard his voice for years in dreams. Calling to her. She hears that same voice in the handsome stranger she meets on vacation. Captivating and so familiar. When he unexpectedly transforms into a werewolf, Briana flees in horror. She knows him … he is the wolfman who haunts her dreams. More than anything else, it is her lustful response to the beast that terrifies her.
When Raynor finally meets his mate, he is confused by her reaction and even more so by her response when he shifts. She doesn't recognize him. In an attempt to escape, Briana jumps through the time portal of his people, landing her in Medieval England. Raynor must rescue her, which requires bonding with Briana as her mate. But first he must teach Briana that she is a shifter, then convince her not to be repelled by her other self, an ancient, powerful shifter. A snakewoman.

“Oh,” she groaned aloud. There he was again, the dark mysterious figure that haunted her more nights than she cared to count. This time, they stood facing each other in the middle of a night-black forest; she was already frightened, her breathing frenzied and her heart pounding. She felt like she was caught in the middle of a Twilight Zone episode—death approached, but it was as if she were stuck in quagmire and couldn’t move.
He edged closer, stepped into the moonlit glade between her and the protective foliage that had covered his form. A werewolf! Briana was shocked. Even though she was a strong person, she was too scared to move an inch. She’d expected a menacing stranger, not a fictional monster. He looked real enough, his body bulky with muscles, and she even noticed a musky odor.
Abruptly, the creature jumped in one great predatory leap, landing directly in front of her. His weight crashed a small branch into kindling as he landed. Strangely, she wasn’t frightened, not now. Why? She didn’t know. Her heart thudded heavily against her chest, her breathing came out in short pants, but from another source entirely—she was turned on. Briana found this startling. The appearance of a savage, beast-like wolfman made her hot? It was insane, this sudden switch from terror to lust.
For years, she had been involved in strange encounters with this mystery man, who tonight, had turned out to be a nightmarish creature. But this was turning into the weirdest experience she’d ever had. Once he had made his appearance in wolf/human form, she no longer feared his presence. It was as if there was a connection between them, a hidden knowledge she found puzzling.
“Who are you?”
His answer was a guttural growl, then a pounce onto her body. She fell to the ground, landing uninjured on a soft pile of leaves. For some crazy reason, she knew he did not intend to hurt her. The beast’s body was heavy, his long hair tickling against her exposed skin. She glanced down at her naked body, again surprised; she’d been wearing her nightgown earlier.
Drool dripped onto her chin and she looked up into its beautiful, but eerie golden eyes, strangely unaffected by the savage grin of its fanged mouth. She still wasn’t frightened.

Tell my fans a little bit about yourself and your books.
I’ve been published since 2001 with New Concepts Publishing and 2004 with Ellora’s Cave. Last year I requested my EC books back, since they were older titles, with the intent of publishing them Indie. I am also CEO of BTS Book Reviews emag.

How would you introduce your books to someone that has yet to read them?
I mainly write Paranormal romances, with a variety of characters within that genre, which includes vampires,  shifters, werewolves, fairies and a genie. My best seller for 14 years is Love’s Captive, a futuristic romance set on a planet inhabited by 7’ tall warriors with black hair and violet eyes. My catch phrase is “Bringing Soulmates together”. I am married to mine and all my stories include this important core value. My characters are monogamous.

What inspired you to start writing? What age did you start?
I dreamed Love’s Captive in 1977 and my family urged me to write the story. It was not until 1996 I dedicated time after work to write this epic novel. It has stood the test of time with readers. I didn’t start writing until my 20’s, writing short stories in college.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing?
Spending time with my hubby. We go to the gym together. We love hiking, especially in the mountains, antiquing, and rambling in interesting stores and places. We are both huge The Walking Dead fans and we spend every Sunday watching a few episodes in our movie theater.

What advice would you give to an aspiring author?
Write what you love.

What’s your favorite scene/line from your works?
I love the ending of Heart of the Dragon. Humorous, which was appropriate since the book had humor scattered throughout it. Puff is a huge dragon who Eric & Kasha raised. He is legendary for sneezing large globs of dragon spittle on people. The Volarnian people feel it is a blessing to be sneezed on by the dragon. Eric & Kasha are a bit tired of this habit as last scene dictates:
Their sensual play was rudely interrupted the next instant.
            “Puff!” Eric looked up in disgust.  There he was, sitting not ten feet away, eyeing them balefully.  And Belle, the culprit, was riding on top of his head.
            “You left the door open?” Kasha sounded very irritated. 
            He glanced at the entry to the garden.  He thought he’d closed it.
            “What are you doing here?” She addressed the basami.  “I thought you were supposed to be helping your mate sit on your eggs.”
            “Ah, give the guy a break, he probably needed a breather.”
            “He can breathe somewhere else.  Just look at him, he has that look in his eye!” She screeched in his ear.
            “Don’t you dare bless me,” she shouted.  “I just took a shower.”
            “Out, out!” Eric said in a firm voice.
            Sneeze.  Puff.

What's the hardest thing about writing?
Finding the time to do it.

What are you currently working on?
A zombie novel. It is funny. I’m a romance author but I’m ga ga over horror. So I decided it is about time I write some instead of just watching it on TV/movies and reading horror novels.

What books did you read as a child?
I don’t remember much. I became an avid reader in my early teens. Jane Eyre was my first romance novel. Next came the discovery of S/F and fantasy books. Andre Norton, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard…

How has your life changed since you began writing?
Meeting authors when you only read their books before. Pretty amazing. Having fans love your work.

Do you listen to music while you write?

What's been your favorite moment as an author?
Having fans gush over you at a convention. Happened at the 2006 RT con when I was writing regularly for EC.

Out of all of your characters, who is your favorite?
I have 3 in my favorite book I’ve written and I cannot separate them. Eric, Kasha & Puff in Heart of the Dragon. I felt like crying when I finished writing the book. I loved the characters so much I didn’t want to say goodbye.

What do you want readers to take away from your books?
That love can triumph in spite of problems life throws at you. That finding your soulmate is the greatest gift.

Do you have any interesting dreams or goals?
I’ve accomplished more than I could have ever dreamed. I put myself through college with 2 small children and graduated with honors. Been married to my soulmate 34 years. Became a published author and in the mid 2000’s when I was writing more, was well-known on the web. Now I am CEO and c0-owner with my husband of one of the top digital magazines for authors & readers.
My final and next dream/goal is to move to the NC mountains, which we are working on by end of this year or early 2016. Once there, I hope to truly retire and enjoy the rest of my life doing the things I really love – hiking, spending time with my husband, Simon. Gazing at gorgeous mountain vistas while sipping coffee and chatting with my best friend – Simon. I will also have time to write again.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Living in a beautiful log cabin in the Blue Ridge or Smoky mountains. Publishing horror novels and finishing the 3rd book in the Volarn series.:)

Myra has published 14 books with Ellora's Cave & New Concepts Publishing. She enjoys writing romances with paranormal, fantasy & S/F elements, creating believable characters, and is known for her vivid imagination. Recently she has been writing horror; one short story was published by Undead Press in the House of Terror anthology.
Since 2012 she started Book & Trailer Showcase with her husband Simon. She is CEO of the company and BTS Book Reviews Magazine. Her EC novels have been released to her this year with the goal of turning them into Indie books.
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