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Dark Skies by: Cecily Magnon w/ Interview

Title: Dark Skies
Author: Cecily Magnon
Series: Order of the Anakim (Book 2) Though Amazon List it as Book 3 because of the Prequel to the Series. 
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy/Supernatural /with elements of Romance
Publisher: 12 Angels Publishing
Release Date: Nov 28 2014
Length: 316 Pages
Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print
Passions are erupting.
Cryptic alliances are forming.
Armies are gathering.
And the fabric between good and evil is slowly tearing open.

Time is running out on Elysa and The Order of the Anakim. A gathering gloom hangs heavy over their mystic realm as the demon hordes measure a final deathblow in their age-old struggle. Step by step, the demons murder, capture, and conjure their way to a realm unified by utter darkness. Their ruthless queen Ashtaroth, guided only by ambition and her voracious thirst for carnal pleasures, masterminds their rising tide of evil.
The Order must unify its splintering members to meet the defining challenge of their history... or pass forever into oblivion.
But in a world where magic, warfare, and sinister prophecies rule the day... in the night, vile enemies may seek the warmth in each other's touch.
At this vital juncture, Elysa's passion is lured by a wicked voice both arousing and terrifying. If the love between Elysa and Jarron is eternal, it will have to overcome pressures seen and unseen and withstand the crush of an all-out attack by demon forces.
Darkness is bleeding its treachery into our world and Elysa and The Order of the Anakim must find a way to combat the gathering doom.
Dark Skies will sweep legions of fantasy fiction fans into Elysa Amalfi's thrilling and treacherous world of the supernatural.

Will remembered that day in Tijuana, Mexico. He had been working at a small local restaurant owned by an enigmatic and powerful woman named Rosa Chavez. Rosa knew what he was before he even had a clue. Rosa befriended him, protected him, and taught him about other realities he thought were only from fairytales. He soon learned those stories were not meant to lull children to sleep, but were meant to be warnings of evil that truly existed.
"What were you doing in Mexico?" Isabel asked.
"I left my home in Greece. I was afraid for my family and I didn't want to bring them any harm. I bought a one-way ticket to the farthest place money could get me and that was Mexico. I wandered around for a while until I met Rosa. She took me in."
"From what danger were you running?" Isabel's voice had softened.
"Demons, but I didn't know it then. It felt like I was being drawn to them and them to me. I was afraid. I didn't know what else to do. I thought that if I could get away, my problems would be over." Will's chest felt heavy. He recalled the last day he saw his mother and how she looked at him. Moro mou, my baby, she lovingly said to him. Being his mother's only child, they had an incredibly strong bond. Although he had half-siblings from his step-father, he was his mother's angel.
When he was a child, she used to tell him a story. It was a story she only shared with him. He thought it was make-believe, a story his mother wove to keep his attention and spark his imagination.
It was a dark night, full of clouds and howling winds, she would begin with a whisper. The night air should have been warm and thick but, that night, it was bitterly cold. His mother would pause and rub her arms, as if memories of that night brought back the same chills to her bones. Our streets were deserted and I was the only one outside, but I was determined to get away. Papa, your grandfather, forbade me to see Avel, the boy I had fallen in love with, but my mind was made up. I was not about to be kept from my true love, his mother would say with a smile that made her whole face shine.
I was walking, lost in my thoughts, dreaming about marrying Avel and how Papa would grow to love him, when a dark shroud came over me. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't scream, I couldn't move. His mother would stop and grip the rosary beads she always wore around her neck and kiss the small cross dangling near her chest. I felt fear like I've never felt before. I felt like my very soul was being extinguished. I cried and I pleaded and I prayed for salvation. It felt like hours had gone by and I knew I was dying. I was losing hope for myself, but I couldn't give up, not yet. I started to pray for you, moro mou. If I could not be saved, I prayed that God would save you and the life you had yet to live.
Will remembered asking his mother, I was with you? He had said it with the innocence of a child filled with wonder at having been a real life participant in a story.
Yes, little one, you were, she would respond with a bright smile and point to her belly.
He remembered laughing, thinking how silly it was that she carried him in the apron she always wore over her dresses. What happened next, momma?
A light brighter than the sun appeared right in front of me. It grew and grew, then suddenly disappeared. I felt the black shroud start to melt off me, then I saw a man coming toward me. He was tall with hair black as night. His eyes… his eyes were like liquid pools of sunshine. He was like a god. His mother would look up towards the heavens before continuing, He pulled me out of the darkness. He saved us.
His mother would always end the story by grabbing his face and giving him a big kiss on the forehead and saying, Angelos, an angel saved us. His light surrounded me. I felt it inside my heart, warming me like hot milk on a cold day. I felt the light reviving my soul, charging my energy! I saw the light come out of my skin, golden and bright, she would say with vigor. The light became a part of you, too. You are part of the light. You are an angel, my son.
Oh momma, he would say as he embraced his beautiful mother as tight as he could.
Will snapped out of his reverie. "I'm what you could call a Warden… for demons." He paused. "At least it's what I've become. Baja was not a lair." Will looked at Isabel. His gaze was steady, but not in defiance. "It was a prison. I contained captured demons until the Carrions could take them."

How did you start your writing career?
With a great big leap of faith and a shot of tequila! Writing for the love of it and keeping the writing to myself was one thing, but when I decided that I would self-publish, hitting that "publish" button the very first time, was scary business.
I still get extremely nervous each time a book goes live, but I don't need the shot of tequila anymore J

Tell us about your favorite character from Order of the Anakim Series.
I love them all for different reasons, but I would have to say that Ashtaroth, my demon queen is one of my favorites.  She's absolutely scandalous and courageous and she doesn't really give a damn. She's fun to write because there are no boundaries with her. She can get away with just about anything.
I kinda wish I was a little more like her, I could probably rule the world, if I was. Hahaha!

Where do you dream of traveling to and why?
I would love to go to Italy or to Greece and see all the coliseums, the churches, fountains and statues. I love looking at architecture. 

Does travel play in the writing of your books?
No, not yet. Unfortunately, I don't get to travel too much right now and so I think that spills over in my writing and I tend to keep my locations -- local or in the regions I'm familiar with.

Tell us about your current release.
Dark Skies takes a darker turn than Gathering Storm. In this follow up novel, the good guys are really being challenged not only physically, but more importantly, emotionally in terms of their trust and conviction of each other. The evil that is creeping upon the Guardians is both subtle and obvious and it is pulling them apart in the worst of ways.
I had one reader tell me that I made her cry, then I made her mad and how could I do that to them (the characters)? But, it also felt really good to hear that she (reader) wasn't giving up on the characters and she knew they would keep enduring.

Tell us about your next release.
Midnight Rain will be the last book in the series. I'm working on that book right now. There are parts of the plot that I know have to happen, but I'm hesitating… it's kind of like, when I was watching Titanic, I knew the boat was going to sink, but I still prayed for a plot twist and hoped it wouldn't happen. That's where I'm at with Midnight Rain.
Part of my hesitation also comes from knowing that this book will end the series… I don't know if I'm ready for that yet. I've really fallen in-love with all the characters and I don't want to say goodbye.
I'm also working on some shorts with a whole new set of characters, and a new location. So far, one of the characters from the Order of Anakim series has made a surprise appearance in the story line. I think that's pretty fun and might be something that I'll keep on doing. All the characters all live in my world and it wouldn't be unusual for them to run into each other J

Cecily Magnon is from the fertile valleys of northern California, where she lives with her husband and kids, and gets inspired by the diversity, beauty, and bounty of the people and of the land around her.
A self-proclaimed nerd girl, Cecily has had a fascination with all topics outside of the norm since she was a little girl. Things of fantasy, magick, sci-fi, the supernatural, and day dreams are the juice that nourishes her imagination and infuse into her writing.
According to Cecily, there is no such thing as “ordinary” when you believe and you see that the everyday is filled with magick. 

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