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Ill Fated by Rachel Rawlings

Title: Ill Fated
Author: Rachel Rawlings
Series: Maurin Kincaide #6
Genre: Dark Urban Fantasy 
Publisher: R Squared Publishing 
Release Date: Feb 11 2015
Edition/Format Available In: eBook & Print 
Some things are destined to end in death. After the first attempt on her life Maurin wasn’t scared. Hell, she was almost flattered. But someone put a price on her head and things are getting complicated. Trouble is brewing in the fae courts and it’s spilling over into Salem. The UnSeelie Dark Guard have answered the call for her head on a platter and people closest to her are disappearing.
Can Maurin master court politics and find her missing men before someone claims the bounty on her head?

  I was born and raised in the Baltimore Metropolitan area but my family is originally from Rhode Island. I spent summers in New England with my grandparents, which probably sparked my fascination with Salem, MA. I started writing fictional stories and poems in middle school. In fact I had notebooks and notebooks full of incomplete stories and poems. One of which I managed to hold on to and is safely stashed in a box under my bed. When I was in seventh grade I entered a poetry contest in the back of an Archie comic and won, after that I was hooked on writing after that. Amazingly it took almost two decades to find a voice for my snarky, ass kicking heroine Maurin Kincaide and complete my first length novel. Meeting the love of your life and raising three amazing children together must have caused a rift in time because I still can't believe it's gone by so quickly. I'm fortunate to have a loving and supportive family who don't mind sharing me with all the other people in my head.

Places to find Rachel

Places to find Ill Fated 

By Rachel Rawlings 
The Maurin Kincaid Series 
Wolfsbane #3 Novella
Mistletoe Meltdown #5 Short Story

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Cover Reveal Brave by Carlyle Labuschagne

Brave is a short story prequel to The Broken Novels written from Rion's point of view on the life-altering events that led up to the discovery of The Chosen One. 
Rion must choose between love and his long awaited destiny to fulfill his role in a prophecy that is said to save a dying race and ultimately rescue life as we know it from a dark curse that threatens to eclipse all creation. . 

This story will be free to my readers on whattpad and will release in stages over the next few weeks. You can find my whattpad profile here. 
Brave releases February 28 2015

Connect with me on twitter. facebook . goodreads or youtube. You can find out more about me and my dramatic craziness on my websiteCarlyle is an South African award wining author, with a flair for mixing genres and adding loads of drama to every story she creates. For now she is happy to take over the world and convert non Sci-fi believers.
Her goal as an author is to touch people's lives, and help others love their differences and one another by delivering strong messages of faith, love and hope within every outrageous world she writes about.

"I love to swim, fight for the trees, and am a food lover who is driven by my passion for life. I dream that one day my stories will change the lives of countless teenagers and have them obsess over the world literacy can offer them instead of worrying about fitting in. Never sacrifice who you are, its in the dark times that the light comes to life."

Carlyle used writing as a healing tool and that is why she started her very own writers support event - SAIR bookfestival. 
 "To be a helping hand for those who strive to become full times writers, editors, bloggers, readers and cover artists - its a crazy world out there you dont have to go it alone!" 

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Backward by: Andrew Grey w/ Interview

Title: Backward  
Author: Andrew Grey
Series: Bronco Boy’s #3
Genre:  M/M Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: Feb 2015
Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print
Club owner Harry Klinger has had his eye on Tristan Martin for months, but never had the nerve to approach him. He’s watched as Tristan dated Eddie and then reluctantly sat on the sidelines during the emotional breakup when Tristan discovered Eddie was dealing drugs. Now that Tristan seems to be healing, Harry hopes to get his chance.
When Eddie sends his men into Harry’s club to harass Tristan, Harry steps in to help. Tristan is reluctant at first since he admittedly has terrible taste in men, but Harry seems genuine, and Tristan can’t help but think Harry’s sexy as well and begins to hope for happiness for both of them.

Unfortunately, Eddie isn’t behaving rationally, sampling too much of his own product. With his determination to take Tristan back, it’ll take more than Harry’s help to keep Tristan safe as Eddie ratchets up his attempts to get what he wants.

Bull must have sent a group text, because Spook texted right back, I’m on it. That man could disappear into a crowd faster than anyone Harry had ever met. He hadn’t seen him all night and had, in fact, forgotten he was there. As he wove through the crowd and got closer to the door, he saw Carlos inside the club with two of his men, and Bull right behind him. By the look on his face, it seemed they meant business, and Harry wondered just how they’d gotten inside and what in hell they had planned.
The bouncers all seemed to have received the message, and Harry saw them converging on the group. They knew how to handle things, so Harry decided to stay out of the way. He scanned the club for other trouble and saw Tristan making his way toward the door, heading right for Carlos and his goons.
He knew the second Carlos saw Tristan. Carlos began moving toward him with the bouncers and Bull following behind. Harry hurried to intercept him and managed to use a momentary break that opened in the crush of dancers to pull Tristan toward him and get him off to the side.
The music in the club continued, but the dancers stopped and parted as Chris launched himself at one of the goons and Bull went for Carlos. Harry didn’t see the other man until he was right in front of him. Shit. He pushed Tristan behind him. The goon’s jacket opened, and Harry saw the glint of metal. That was all he needed. He lashed out with his knee, connecting with tender parts. The bigger they were, the faster they grabbed their balls and collapsed onto the floor.
Harry turned to Tristan, pulled him close, and moved away from the man rolling on the floor. As soon as they had some distance between them, Harry sent a text to the security staff, and within a minute they arrived and lifted the writhing man to his feet and off the club floor. They muscled him through the door at the back of the club, where Harry assumed they’d put him in the small room that was usually used for storage, but occasionally served as a holding area.
About a minute after that, Harry got a text from Bull.
Called the police. They’ll be here soon enough, Bull sent. Secured Carlos and other men in holding room. Spook took off.
Harry sent a message that he understood before returning to Tristan. “Are you all right?”
“Y… yeah,” Tristan said. “You laid him out like he was nothing.”
Harry chuckled as he guided Tristan around the edge of the dance floor. The excitement was over, and the men had already returned to their dancing. The buzz of conversation that had run through the crowd like bees in a hive was forgotten as they went back to their fun. “All I did was knee him in the nuts. That doesn’t take any special skill.” They reached the door to the office and back-room area.
“But you knew what to do,” Tristan said. “I wouldn’t have.”
Harry opened the door, and they went inside. As soon as it closed, most of the noise from the club was snuffed off. “I’ll let you in on a secret—that’s about the limit of my bouncer-like skills. Bull told me years ago that when push comes to shove, fight dirty and go for the balls. It works every time and is nearly guaranteed to give you time to get away.” They walked past the office to a small room that they used as a holding room when necessary.
Bull stood outside, his arms folded over his chest. “I told the police to come around to the back and that we had the troublemakers in custody for them.” Bull turned to Tristan. “It seems they came back for you.”
“What? Me?” Tristan squeaked. “What do they want with me?”

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City of Magi by: Micheal McDuffee

Title: City of Magi
Author: Michael McDuffee
Series: Magi Stone Series (Book 1)
Genre: Industrial-era Fantasy
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: July 25 2014
Edition/Formats Available In: Kindle
At the heart of Astosen, the city of Dein Astos stands as a bulwark for the free world, always on alert to battle Valania’s attempts to bring the republic under continental dominance. Sophisticated and diverse, driven by magic, money, and information, this city of magi teems with tea houses, government agencies, exclusive clubs and risky districts.
Alexander Locke, a great Magi Knight and the hero of the republic, lies dead. His daughter, Zia Locke, reluctantly rises to power, unaware that her father may not have died of natural causes, as everyone believes.

That is, until she is artfully maneuvered into meeting the mysterious and abundantly self-assured Grayson Kearney. A keen judge of character and cunning magus, Grayson rocks Zia's world in more ways than one as he helps tear away the veil of ignorance from her eyes. From lifelong friends to sworn enemies, the new leader of the House of Locke is discovering that anyone could be the next to betray her. What Zia needs is a good intelligence officer at her side. But when everyone has a hidden agenda, can she truly place her trust in Grayson?

Grayson hesitated on the threshold of the Burrow Street entrance to the Magi Knights headquarters. In a few seconds, he would do something he hadn’t done in nearly ten years. He was going to walk into a building and tell the receptionist his real name. He wasn’t wearing a disguise. He wasn’t even going to use a fake accent. His hand clenched around the heart-cut raw stone in his pocket. If he muttered the right words after talking to the girl at the front desk, she would never remember him. It was tempting.
Feeling nervous and quite naked, Grayson stepped through the open door and walked over to the receptionist, a seventeen-year-old girl with a jaunty chin, an olive complexion, and bright red hair. Grayson knew her name: Ellen Mewes. She was an intern at MKHQ in her final year at Soame, hoping to go on to a military career. He also knew that under the desk, within easy reach of each of Ellen’s hands, there were two cast stones. One of the stones would sound the alarm, and no doubt bring a horde of soldiers, and maybe even a few knights, from a waiting guard room. The other stone, which she would activate second, would immobilize everybody in the room for twenty minutes. It comforted Grayson a little to think that he knew more about this girl than she would know about him.
She was reading the morning Ledger, barely paying attention to the entrance. Stifling a grimace, Grayson coughed to draw attention to himself.
Ellen finished her paragraph and looked up. “You’re not a knight,” she said.
“No, I’m not.”
“You don’t usually come in here.”
“No, I don’t.”
“I know everybody that works for the knights. At least, she knows,” Ellen said, gesturing to a rotating stone on the counter behind her. “And she doesn’t know you. For whom are you looking?”
“I have an appointment to see Lady Zia Locke,” Grayson said.
“That’s not what…” Ellen began. Her eyes widened and she began shuffling through the newspaper. She threw the local, rural, military, foreign, and sports sections on the floor before finding a piece of pink sticky paper. “What’s your name?” she asked, holding the paper close to her chest.
“Grayson Kearney.”
Grayson sighed, then pulled his actual passport from his pocket, turned to the page with his picture, and handed it to the girl.
“Say your name two more times, please.”
This would set his name and face perfectly into the public register for as long as he lived. Everyone with an identification system in place would be able to recognize his face. He was officially killing his anonymity in government buildings, at least when he wasn’t disguised on many levels. His stomach lurched.
“Grayson Kearney. Grayson Kearney.” It was done.
“Around the hall on your left, take the lift up to the fifth floor. Her office is on the left when you get out.”
“Thank you,” Grayson said and started off down the hall.
“Welcome to MKHQ, Mr. Kearney,” she shouted after him.
After he was hired, he could have snuck in to the office on days when he needed to be here. Nobody on Zia’s team would have been wise to it. They were expecting him to come. So why bother? Was it really worth it so that they could follow him one day, as he knew Zia would send someone to do? If they found out, he could explain that it was easier for him to work this way. They wouldn’t have been able to pay him if he wasn’t registered, but he didn’t really need the money. What he’d be making here was a pittance compared to what his operations across the continent brought in.
When it came down to it, Grayson had given up his name because he needed something less quantifiable. He was in Zia’s employ, and to an extent she wanted things done by the book. He would get his leeway, he knew, but if he wanted Zia to ever trust him, there were some lines he simply could not cross. Small as it may seem, registering at the front desk was most likely one of them.
Just before the fifth bell, Grayson felt the lift slowing and focused his attention on the situation at hand, rather than decisions made in the past. The doors opened and revealed a grey tiled floor and boring white walls with blue patterns, scarcely more artistic than lines twisting about each other in a short, pathetic dance every couple of feet. The upper stories had wood-paneling and great works of art hung so close together it was nearly wallpaper, but new knights had to rough it out for a while before they earned the luxuries associated with seniority.
The working life. It wasn’t anything Grayson had ever experienced as himself. There had been many times where it was necessary to work his way into an organization, but even then he wouldn’t go all the time. Cella, Madi, and he would switch off the disguises so they would all be able to see every part of the operation, no matter which was actually their own. That could be arranged now, but with so many powerful magi about, someone might notice if Cella or Madi came in disguised as Grayson. He could never ask them to register and give up their identities as he had done. They’d have to work from the outside, this time.
Grayson paused, just down the hall from the open door to Zia Locke’s office suite. The knot in his stomach would be comical if it didn’t make him so nauseous. From the minute he walked through that door, he would no longer be in complete control of everything that occurred. Grayson had been careful in choosing Zia, but the fact was that he needed her help as much as she needed his. Her actions would be crucial in what was to come.

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Craving Talon by: Zoey Derrick

Title: Craving Talon
Author: Zoey Derrick
Series: 69 Bottles
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic, LGTB, M/M/F, M/F/M, M/F, F/M , M/M
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date:  Feb 17 2015
Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print 
The story picks up as 69 Bottles continues their tour, riding a surge of success thanks to an impromptu duet between Talon and Addison. 
It’s a crazy turn of life for Addison Beltrand, who’s always lived to work and worked to live. Now, everything is shifted upside down—and that’s not a bad thing. Stepping on the 69 Bottles tour bus has banished the heartache of her past, and feels like a rocking new beginning. 
Talon Carver and Kyle Black couldn’t agree more. The band’s lead singer and manager are falling hard for the beautiful rock chick, and will do anything to keep her in their bed—and between their bodies—forever.
The trio’s blissful bubble is popped by a danger nobody has anticipated. The band’s security team, always watchful for fan attacks on the members, isn’t prepared for what happens to Addison during this leg of the tour. Will Kyle and Talon be able to help save Addison? Or will her fear force her to pack her bags and return to LA?

Everything hinges on her decision…
Two men. One woman. A rock band. A tour bus. One Wild Ride… 

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Best Selling Author Zoey Derrick comes from Glendale, Arizona. She was once a mortgage
underwriter by day and is now a paranormal, romance and erotica novelist full-time. She writes stories as hot as the desert sun itself. It is this passion that drips off of her work, bringing excitement to anyone who enjoys a good and sensual love story.

Not only does she aim to take her readers on an erotic dance that lasts the night, it allows her to empty her mind of stories we all wish were true.
 Her stories are hopeful yet true to life, skillfully avoiding melodrama and the unrealistic, bringing her gripping Erotica only closer to the heart of those that dare dipping into it. 

The intimacy of her fantasies that she shares with her readers is thrilling and encouraging, climactic yet full of suspense. She is a loving mistress, up for anything, of which any reader is doomed to return to again and again.

Places to find Zoey 

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The Stillness of the Sky: by Starla Huchton w/ Guest Post

Title: The Stillness of the Sky
Author: Starla Huchton
Series: A Flipped Fairy Tale
Genre: Fantasy /YA
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: Feb 2 2015
Edition/Formats: eBook & Print
"Once upon a time, my life was certain: it was insignificant, and it was cruel. But I refused to let it define me, no matter how great the cost.
Once upon a time, I made a wish. The world I knew grew wider than the sky and higher than the stars, and I listened to the voice within me, reaching out for freedom.

Once upon a time, my wish became my fate, and my destiny the hardest lesson to learn: kindness may be the most difficult path, but it can save entire kingdoms.”

“My mother would bring me here when I was a child. She saw to my education as often as she could, though she wasn’t able to do as much as she wanted.” A distinct note of sadness colored his words. Queen Octavia died when I was barely old enough to remember, but before my own mother left. “When she could, we’d come here and she’d pick different pages for me to read on things I might encounter within our kingdom. One day, I asked her where it all came from, if there were specific spirits that created things like giants or selkies or whatever the case may be, and she asked the book for one thing.” He placed his hand on the cover, his fingers wrapped around the side edge. “Show me the Alabaster Heart.”
A golden glow filled the room, blooming from the book as Willem opened it. When the light faded, I looked down at the pages before us. The one on the right was filled with text black as pitch on crisp cream paper, but on the left…
I nearly dropped the lamp. “That’s it!” I said, staring stupidly at the full-color picture that looked more like a window into the great white tree’s cavern than a simple drawing could ever do. “That’s the tree Ro took me to.”
“It’s called the Alabaster Heart,” he explained, trading places with me to read from the text. “It says it’s the source and sustaining force of all magical things, location unknown. Most glimpses of it come in small pink flowers growing through the cracks in rocks, whose seeds are rumored to grant wishes. Those who seek these flowers should be warned: wishes are granted in an unpredictable manner and often come with a high cost to those who make them, weighed against the heart of the one requesting the magic to be performed.” He hummed thoughtfully. “Buyer beware, I suppose.”
Frustrated, I growled at my own ignorance. “While that would’ve been helpful at the time, it hardly does me much good now.”
“If you’re that unhappy with it, maybe you should go back and make another wish to undo it.”
I turned to him, hurt both by his tone of voice and suggestion that I’d be so selfish. “First off, I don’t know that I’d be any better off now than I was before. In fact, all things considered, I think I’m doing quite well, thank you very much. Secondly, look at all the good I’ve done since then. While I’m not at all proud that I destroyed another person’s life, Torell is certainly a touch nicer for my dealings with your Piper. Third…” I paused, softening my tone and touching his arm. “Do you honestly think I’d run away from this fate? Whatever it is I’m meant to do, I’m the only one that can do it. It’s important enough that the very source of magic itself summoned me for a conversation. It told me that everyone needs help at some point. Everyone, including the Alabaster Heart.” I shook my head and returned my gaze to the picture. “Kindness in all things. I’d never be able to live with myself if I walked away from this.”
His arm wrapped around my waist. “And that was why you were chosen, Jack. I’ve known generals and statesmen, the rich and the poor, kings and commoners alike. When I tell you that I’ve never seen your rival in altruism, that’s speaking from a great deal of experience. The magic you possess might be greater than we know, but it’s your heart that makes you so important. There might be others that can do as you do, but how many would?”
“But I still don’t even know what I’m meant to do,” I murmured, staring at the picture.
He sighed and leaned his head against mine. “Peace, Jack. You’re supposed to bring peace.”
“I wished for peace for myself.”
“But can a Bard have peace when the kingdom they live in is at war?”
I jerked and pulled away from him, gaping. “You think I’m meant to stop your father’s war?”
He nodded. “You have all of the pieces of the puzzle. You know where Aaron is. You know the giants didn’t kidnap or kill him as my father’s accused them. Your songs can soothe any enemy.”
My mouth fell open. “An enemy perhaps, but we’re talking about two entire armies and the population of not only Litania, but fixing the damage caused to the giants as well. Not to mention that I can’t produce any proof that your brother is alive and well. Who’d even believe me?”
“I believe you,” he said, setting his hand over mine as it rested on the desk. “Let me help you, Jack.”

: The Stillness of the Sky