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Remus Rothwyn Chronicles: by T. P. Grish & Interview

Title: Steel, Magick and Faith
Author: T.P. Grish
Series: The Remus Rothwyn Chronicles (#1)
Genre: Epic Fantasy/Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: Oct 16 2012
Edition/Format Available In: eBook & Print
  In the ancient and wild world of Glenryth, Fey creatures and a nascent humanity have come into conflict, the motives of each other mutually unfathomable and alien. Technological cults and Monotheistic religions are worshipped, any suspicion of pagan or fey magickal taint is reviled. Prophets spread far and wide, offering hope and comfort to the beleaguered masses. Mankind is not totally separate from the energies that suffuse Glenryth, as an unfortunate few are born as Touched.

When local dwarves put a curse upon the town of High Peaks, Remus, the aloof and irritable woodcutter and sage, must try and ebb the tide of xenophobic anger that could engulf himself and any other folk that are labelled as outcasts. But when a caravan of technocrat pilgrims fails to arrive, and the body of a local child is found in the woodlands, Remus, along with the capricious Touched Elaina, must try to understand the nature of morality in a world cloaked in suspicion and fear, and, ultimately, to prevent a brewing war that could send the region spiraling into chaos and destruction.

'You know, where I come from, farmers and peasants have to eke out a hardscrabble existence, day in and day out', said Perfidian unexpectedly. Remus and Elaina looked at him as he went on. 'There wasn't the luxury of helping a neighbour, or sharing with a neighbour, when a man had to struggle to feed his own. When I left my house and my father, mother, and siblings; my father was not worried for my safety. As I told him I wanted to go out and experience the world outside of my hometown, he simply gave me his old suit of chain from his army days, what coin he could spare, and told me to be on my way. I cannot blame him, and am grateful for what he gave. But, one thing that I have discovered to be exceedingly rare in this world is true friendship; true willingness to sacrifice to keep a loved one safe. Both of you have that'.
Perfidian sat silent for a few moments, sipping his tea and letting his words sink in. 'You two are too stubborn to admit it, or appreciate it, but you have that most rare of things'. Although he criticized them both, he predominantly glanced in Remus' direction when he used the word 'stubborn'. 'I have had an experience travelling with you two, that I will never forget. This was my first foray out into the wider world, my first adventure as an amateur bard. I couldn't have asked for a better group to travel in; as where else could I find two individuals who were dedicated enough to risk all to stop a war!'

Places to find: Steel, Magick, and Faith

Title: The Shard of Palrinah
Author: T.P. Grish
Series: The Remus Rothwyn Chronicles (#2)
Genre: Epic Fantasy/Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: May 30 2013
Edition/Format Available In: eBook & Print
After saving High Peaks from a devastating war between Humankind and Fey, Remus and Elaina head to the grand city of Yondern to continue their adventures, yearning for excitement and the chance to do good.
However, the long-brewing political conflict between the Steelwielders and Paragonites has erupted into open war, and try as they might, the travelers cannot escape the eye of suspicious factions. Once-friendly factions have turned wary, and they find themselves allying with those who they would least expect.
An old friend, the bard Perfidian, confronts them with troubling information, hinting at a deeper objective to the brewing war, and possibly to an object of power that could wreak devastation upon the land in the hands of the power-hungry.
The three friends must discover what the Steelwielder technocrats and Paragonite monks are truly seeking in a remote corner of Glenryth, in a deadly game of cat and mouse involving dark and sinister forces, both Human and otherwise.

‘Now, it seemed that there was no option but to kill the humans that had ventured to this mountainous realm, and take their artefact, to see if it could be used for the good of Fey. Most likely it would be destroyed, to prevent any human faction from gaining power or prominence with it. Elves disdained using any human invention or magick, although the time of humans bearing the ability to create artefacts was long gone, and even during that time, only very few artefacts were created, and at great cost’.

Places to find: The Shard of Palrinah

Title: Though Darkness Comes
Author: T.P. Grish
Series: The Remus Rothwyn Chronicles (#3)
Genre: Epic Fantasy/Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: Sept 26 2014
Edition/Format Available In: eBook & Print
Having fled to Norlathaa to hide themselves, and the mighty Shard of Palrinah, from the foes who mercilessly hunt them, Remus and his companions must navigate the deadly political landscape of double-crosses and power grabs that confronts them.
The Steelwielders and Paragonites pursue the holy item of power, taking advantage of the sweltering corruption that plagues the monarchic government of Norlathaa, spreading a web of eyes and ears. Other factions stalk the shadows of the temperate land, agents of the great Cities, and Fey tribes congregate in their lairs, enacting a great magick to counter the rise of whatever group of Humanity claims the artefact.
Old friends and enemies become intermeshed in the conflict, and Remus, Elaina and Perfidian must find safe harbour in the bard’s homeland, struggling to understand the meaning of home and the ramifications of power, and, ultimately, to seek a way to end the threat the Shard of Palrinah bodes for Glenryth, once and for all.

The Remus Rothwyn Chronicles is a dark, epic fantasy series with mythological elements and a nuanced world with complex perspectives.

'Remus felt a new surge of power, urging him to unleash more terrible magick at the surviving bandits, who had threatened his friends so. He struggled to resist unleashing lethal magick against the two men who had surrendered, who were being disarmed of their packs and tied up by his allies.
The battle was won, and he was no murderer of unarmed foes. But, the promise of unleashing power to finish off the vagabonds, to lick against their flesh and bone, continued to surge. Lightning and sparks began to emanate from the gem-like shard at the artefact’s tip, which glowed hungrily.
Grunting, Remus jerked his arm back, holstering the artefact under his cloak once again. He felt the tingling fade. Looking up, he saw Elaina and Queluth staring concernedly at him.
What had he almost done?'

Places to find: Though Darkness Comes

 Places to find: Remus Rothwyn Chronicles Box Set

Where do the ideas for your books come from?  
From small, interesting ideas that pop into my head. I collect them, remember them, and write them down, until they coalesce into something a story can be based around. My Remus Rothwyn series started off with an idea to write a fantasy novel where the magick elements and non-human creatures (Fey) resembled the creatures of myth in temperament, bizarreness and complexity. Dwarves, elves and strange creatures that were not simply humans with exaggerated features/traits, but truly possessing a perspective that was valid to them, but inscrutable, and terrifying to the human mind. Then, I thought of how humans would react to that- cities and towns peppering the wilderness, factions and faiths offering hope to Humanity, conflict between Fey and the expanding human race. I thought of compelling characters to fill the world. Remus is a man born a normal human, but through his choices, his curiosity, his perspective, he is placed outside of both the conventional human life, and that of the unexplained world. The book has a quasi-medieval setting because that is the setting that has always interested me the most.
Have you ever co-written book/books? If so was it difficult? If not would you ever consider co-writing with another author?
I have not. I would be happy to do it if the author had a style that complemented my own, and if we created a world together, or perhaps created a book out of short stories from each of our worlds, as separate stories occurring in different worlds, but sharing similar themes, and thus coexisting in a fantasy omnibus. I would not co-write novels set in my world, because I think that would be strange- for better or for worse, a world should stay in the mind of the writer who created it! Just my opinion, and of course there are great worlds that have been the original product of two or more minds.
Where do you get your character names from?
A lot of them just pop into my head, perhaps from all the fantasy novels I have read! I do have to force myself, sometimes, to ensure the names feel right for the character. The character Weylin, who's not a very nice chap, originally was named Gnol (silent g). Why? Because that is the first name that popped into my head, and I was too stubborn to change it. But then I thought, the name Gnol does not evoke anything. I wanted a name that seemed ordinary (for Weylin does not stand out in any real way, unless of course he is summoning a fire storm upon you), and as a young man he was a needy, malevolent individual with very human motivations. As he gets older and more experienced, he becomes more subtle, less prone to outbursts, but his plans for the world become more dark. Weylin seemed like a name that fit, although I am sure some would disagree! I don't put too much effort into them, just a name that I think of, which evokes, in a minor degree, the nature of the character.
What type of research goes into your writing?
I don't do historical research on mythology, and most of my research is reading other fantasy novels (which I would do anyway), figuring out things like pace, balance of prose, variation of sentence structure and things of that nature. Once I have a collection of ideas for the main plot and sub-plots, I simply start writing. The internet is a real boon with fiddly details though- what is the bulwark on a ship? What are the different parts of a ship's body called? How would peat be harvested and sold in a small village?
Are your family and friends supportive of your writing?
Yes very, although writing books, and fantasy, are not things they are interested in, which makes me even more appreciative that they make the effort to be interested. Of course, both myself and my family and friends agree that I need to have other eggs in different baskets, for although I would love to make a living writing so I could do it full-time, and would be happy to do it if I could, it is difficult being a writer, and things take a long time, if they do happen.
Do you remember when your interest in writing came about?
I have been fascinated by fantasy all my life; the thrilling stories and magic, daring do, and then, as I got older, I appreciated the complex characters and themes in good fantasy books and video games. Authors such as R.A. Salvatore spiked my imagination, as well as Ursula Le Guin, Robin Hobb etc. I started writing when I was a child, short stories involving mages, magic, quests... but Steel, Magick and Faith was my first major novel.
Other than writing what are your interests?
Reading, not just fantasy, occasionally other genres. Watching good TV (comedy shows like The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Last Week Tonight, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama etc.) Playing video games on the PC and Xbox 360 (mostly RPGS, but occasionally every other genre really. I am happy about the renaissance of old-school RPGs, and the point-and-click adventure genre. I do occasionally play blockbuster, more mainstream games- they are good for a break). I also enjoy eating a meal with family and friends, at restaurants or at home, and going for a walk- it helps clear your head.
Did you learn anything from writing your books, if so what was it?
Oh boy, a lot. Besides the boring stuff like writing style (which I am still working on), I grew a lot. It sounds corny, but writing a book teaches you a lot about perseverance, dealing with frustration and patience. It was rewarding putting ideas and feelings I had about my real life and the real world, into an interesting fantasy setting. I love when readers/potential readers interact in a constructive way, whether it is praise, criticism or to clarify, and being honest about what you think/who you are is very important for a writer.
What are your current WIP? Can you share with us?
The fourth book in The Remus Rothwyn Chronicles, of course! It will be titled 'Wrath and Ruin', and there are a WHOLE lot of plot points that are going to be exciting to write about. Characters searching for their families, factions rising (and perhaps falling), Weylin taking some serious initiative, and potential Cataclysms.
I have had an idea for a completely different fantasy series, one lighter and more swashbuckling, in mind for a while, but I am not sure when I will get to that. I like my Remus Rothwyn series, and I hope others will too. :)
Food: Peking Duck, Indian Lamb over rice, but mostly hearty, healthy home-cooked fare
Color: Green
“Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.”
Judy Garland
“To do the useful thing, to say the courageous thing, to contemplate the beautiful thing: that is enough for one man's life.”
T.S. Eliot
Movie: Dragonheart, Office Space, LOTR Trilogy (eclectic I know)
Music: Video game RPG soundtracks, Jack Johnson
This or That
Day or Night: Day
Rain or Snow: Snow
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook
Mac or PC: PC
Coffee or Tea: I prefer just water (hot or cold depending on the weather), and very occasionally coffee, tea or soft drinks

Thanks for the opportunity!

T.P. Grish devoured fantasy books since he was a kid, particularly liking character-based fantasy novels with exciting sequences, complex stories and a lode of deeper meaning. Although he also loved fantasy movies and hobby gaming, his dream to write his own fantasy novels was always at the forefront. Today, he is a PhD doctoral student and part-time business writer who can't help but daydream about writing novels for you to read.

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