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Mirrored Time: by J.D. Faulkner and Guest Post

Title: Mirrored Time
Author: J.D. Faulkner
Series: A Time Archivist Novel (Book 1)
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: May 7 2014
Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print

First it was water.

Then blood.

And finally smoke.

Gwen Conway never knew there were so many ways to die. Honestly, it was something she would have been happy not knowing.

Maybe, they really are just dreams. Nightmares. But they won't stop. And dreaming of her death is getting old. Then there's the sleepwalking. She'd like to pass on that too.

Gwen's pretty sure the dreams have something to do with her new job. Which of course, is definitely not just a 'job.'

Don't get her wrong, working for the Archiver of the Time Streams has its perks. Having the power to travel to any past or future time is fantastic. Plus, there's Rafe, the ex-gladiator from the future. She'd like to keep him around too. Not that she would tell him that. It'd go straight to his head.

But she's less than pleased to find herself in the middle of a time travelers' war. Especially against a crazed half-god who has the power to obliterate the existence of any time or place. And the Guardians, her so called allies? All the help they offer are strict rules and smug superiority. Plus, they seem convinced she's already lost, that she's already died.

Gwen is starting to wonder whether she should have read her employment contract more carefully.

Borrowing themes from Greek and Roman legends such as Pandora and the war between the Titans and Olympians, lovers of mythology and fantasy alike will enjoy this mind-bending romp through different times and universes. Well-grounded in the world of today, this urban fantasy stands out from the pack with its complex theories on time travel and unique brand of quirky humor.

Places to find: Mirrored Time

Time crept by, and her one accomplishment was listening to the steady ticking of her clock. With a huff, she shoved away the legal files and rubbed her temples. She peeked at Alistair’s desk from underneath a curtain of hair, but he still hadn’t magically appeared. The main office was empty. Just like it had been a few seconds ago.
Going home would be better than sitting here and obsessing. She slipped on her coat, planning to leave. Her feet stayed rooted to the floor. Honestly. It couldn’t hurt to check the mirror before bringing it up to Alistair. She could figure out how Rafe had tricked her. Then she would have an answer. So I can stop obsessing.
 “Sorry, Alistair,” she whispered to his desk before stepping into the dark hallway of the Archives. Pausing outside the room, her thumb ran over the cool metal of the door handle. Whatever happened, it would be the end of the mystery—maybe the end of her hope. Her aunt’s words echoed in her mind. I would live, my girl, live.
This time there was no glowing light. With more effort than she would care to admit, she stepped into the darkened room. She needed to know the truth. And whatever happened, she would never forgive herself for running away. Lying to herself was no longer an option. As crazy as it was, she wanted the possibility to be real. What if everything she knew about life was a lie? What if magic did exist?
The room was silent as she stared at her reflection, her eyes wide but determined. She raised her hand, watching her reflection reach up to meet her. Her fingers encountered the cool, and solid, surface of the mirror.
The stab of disappointment was sharp. So, the world was as she always had imagined it. It didn’t hide any secrets involving magic mirrors. Mirror, mirror, on the wall, you’re not so special after all.
Her fingers ran over the glass. She didn’t know how Rafe had done it, but she would figure it out. At the very least, she had revenge. She smiled at the idea of paying Rafe back. Her reflection’s smile widened with her own, fingers following the opposite path. There would be hell to pay, that’s for sure. Didn’t they always say ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?’ She laughed, palm pushed flat against the mirror. Magic mirror, indeed. Now she needed to find Rafe.
With her thoughts so centered on Rafe and her revenge, it took a moment for her to notice the light. When her palm sank into the mirror, she stared as liquid silver lapped up her arm. She tried to jerk back but the mirror wouldn’t let her. It continued to pull her in. Gravity lurched with a dizzying shift, and she fell into the mirror with a scream.
It echoed in the empty room.

How to Write a Compelling Book Description…
Author’s Often say the Blurb/Synopsis is Often the Hardest to write so how do you approach it?
So first, thanks so much for giving me an opportunity to write a guest post here. Let’s hope I can make it a teensy bit informative, and perhaps a smidge interesting. Writing a blurb/synopsis is difficult, mostly because it’s the first real impression someone has of your book. After the cover, if you don’t snag a reader’s interest with the blurb, forget them opening the book up.

When starting my blurb for Mirrored Time, I focused on the main points I wanted the reader to walk away with. If you do research on the subject, a lot of people (smarter than I) will tell you to narrow your story down to your main character, the goal of the story, and the stakes/what will happen if that goal isn’t meet. This basically leaves you with three paragraphs describing the main arcs of your story.

But regardless of technicalities, to me, the most important part is adding as much sass, wit and humor (or whatever emotion you want to color your synopsis) to the main technical bones of your synopsis. I (try to) write my characters a bit more on the snarky side. Nothing mean-spirited, but I like verbal sparring. So I wanted my synopsis to mirror (oops bad pun) that same feeling.

Then after I add as much character as I can to the bare bones of the synopsis, and I have something I’m happy with: The fun part. My synopsis isn’t finished until my writing group says it is. Since the synopsis is the main thing a potential reader will have to judge, I get as much advice about my synopsis as possible. What jokes fall flat, where do I have too many plot details, or where aren’t there enough? The main point: Is this a book my writing group would want to pick up?

Basically there is a lot of deleting and rewriting; endless tweaking until I finally get something that I am … mostly happy about. But hopefully something my readers are happy about too. Because for all the rules you may know, at the end of the day, the synopsis needs to be fun to read. And it needs to make the reader want to turn to the first page.

Terrifying to write, but well worth the time and effort. Fingers crossed that work shows in my own synopsis. Good luck to all you fellow writers out there, don’t give up! And thanks for reading.

J.D. Faulkner lives in Seattle, Washington. She spends her time reading anything she can get her hands on; studying Greek and Roman mythology; and avoiding the rain whenever she can. MIRRORED TIME is her first novel and book one of the Time Archivist Novels. Currently, she is working on the second book of the series, FRACTURED TIME.
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